Windows 7 Shutdown Timer Using CMD Configuration

You can use this tip if you want to leave your computer while downloading, so that you don’t have to worry if you leaving it power on while you can set up to power it off by using your Windows 7 Shutdown Timer.

Windows 7 Shutdown Timer Config

How to do it:
Go to start >run >cmd
Just type: shutdown -s -t 3600 
Computer will automatically shutdown after 1 hour.
3600 is the total seconds in 1 hour, so to change this simply multiply “secondsXminute or 60X60= 1 hour
Sometimes programs not responding or cannot close so you will force to shutdown use this code:
shutdown -s -t 3600 -f

-f meaning to forced and but when you like to abort  enter this code:

shutdown -a

This will simply abort the shutdown timer.

Always use Windows 7 Shutdown Timer before you leave your computer on just to prevent over heat that can possibly cause short circuits.

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