Solution to Skype problem on Nokia E71

I’ve been using Skype on my Nokia E71 and until now, even I reflashed my unit because of forgetting security code, but re-install back the Skype again, it still works until now!

Click here to get the .sisx file.

Filename: Skype_S60_by_yayo.rar
Size: 3.4 MB
Password: [esc]


10 thoughts on “Solution to Skype problem on Nokia E71

  1. I have to confirm it is NOT working on my Nokia E5-00 either. I can’t login no matter how many times I try. How can I resolve this issue? I searched a lot and many people have faced this problem with logging in Skype, but no solution. Can you help me?

    • Use the .sisx file. Procedure is revert the year of your mobile phone’s calendar to 2011, then instal the app and there it should work.

      I just reset my E71 a week ago and re install all the previous themes and applications including Skype and it works!

      Leave a message or post any comments here if you still encountered any problem.

      • It still doesn’t work. I uninstalled, changed date and installed this sisx file. No luck in signing in! I have tried pretty much any recommendation I found on web.
        And btw, I installed iSkoot too and it throws an error that can’t login for now, try later. I’m sure about my username and password.

  2. Did you try changing the year on your mobile? I don’t know if will work on your phone model.
    Follow instructions carefully because I tried so many times on both NOKIA E71 (mine & my son’s) and still working after resetting the device.

    • Did you followed the step-by-step procedure after you installed the application?

      BTW, I don’t think that it will not work anymore since SKYPE announced that the apps will not be supported for E71 devices.
      I hope this will solve all your problems in using SKYPE for Nokia.

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