How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed – Super Fast

Now a days in the Technology advancement several people are using the Internet in the Mobiles , they just surf the Net in mobiles, But the thing that most irritates is the Speed of the Mobile Internet.

So i am Giving cool tips that increase your internet speed and have you a Quick Browsing at all time.
How to increase the Internet Speed of Mobiles
1)  It is good to use the Hotspot near to you as they are Quick and More Effective
  • They are linked with the High speed Broad band so you can take Advantage of this and Quicken your Browsing in the Mobiles
2) Please upgrade your Cellular firmware which can get you new Configurations.
  • It can improve the Speed and get new connections to your mobile
  • It is better to update your mobile firmware at 30 days time period regularly
3) Using internet in the Crowded place or Covered place does give you a Weak signal , so its better to use it in the Without Surfaces or where you get more signals and the Air

Manually Increasing Mobile Internet Speed

  • Make Sure to Use Internet at Good Network Areas.
  • Clear or Free Your Phone Memory.
  • Remove Web Cache and Old History.
  • Never Run Multiple Applications While Browsing Internet.
  • If You want Text Search Results it is Better to Block Image Search For Fast Browsing.
  • Do not Load Your Mobile with lots of Apps.
  • Using Opera Mini or UC Browser For Browsing Internet.
  • Disable Auto-Update Feature For Applications.

Increase Mobile Internet Speed – Android Phones

How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed in Android Devices – Majority of the People Are Using Android Phones Today and Therefore If You are an Android Smartphone User You will be Happy to Know that There are Lots of Apps Available on Google Play store that Can help you to Increase Your Mobile Internet Speed Directly.
Use UC Browser For Browsing and Downloading
UC Browser is one of the Fastest Mobile Internet Browser which Providing Lightning Fast Browsing and Downloading Speeds.UC Browser is Available in 7 Different Languages with more that 400 Million Satisfied User Across the World.Therefore Download and Install UC Browser on Your Android Devices For Fast Mobile Internet Speed.
Use Apps to Increase Signal Strength
You can Use Network Signal Strengthening Apps to Optimize Your Internet Connection in Your Android Mobile Devices For Best Performance.Here Below are Some of the Best Android Apps that You can Use For Free to Increase Your Mobile Internet Speed.
Install Apps to Increase Internet Speed
After Increasing Your Network Signal Strength Use Apps For Increasing Your Internet Speed.This Will Help You get Even Much More Speed though you will see a Instant Increasing in Your Internet Speed After Increasing Your Network Signal Strength.
Disable Access to Internet From Other Applications
Sometimes it happens that Applications Start Updating Themselves in the Background due to Auto Update Feature therefore Decreasing Your Internet Browsing and Downloading Speed So it is Better to Disable Access to Internet For Such Applications. How to Use Wechat on PC You can Use the Below Given Apps to Disable Internet Access Feature For Such Applications.
  • Droid Wall – A Firewall App
  • LBE Privacy Guard
               Please note this steps ad follow , Enjoy your Quick Browsing.

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