Windows XP Pro SP3 – Android Edition™ 2013

Windows XP Pro SP3 – Android Edition 2013

Version Features

1. December Updates
2. Plug all the security loopholes
3. Faded all the mistakes Mac version
4. Can be installed version of Flash Memory (Firmware)
5. Video ad hoc basis was developed for those who do not know how to develop version الفلاشة and annotated in the program ROM with video CD
6. Put the latest programs such as WMP11 and IE8
7. Were merged more than 5 Thmthat the only Android + Theme Win8 (non-theme Sifn and Aldark)
8. Has been added to simulate the entire program for IPad
9. Has been added to Android Cleaner file is a file from the artificial device to accelerate by 90% file deletes unused cookies and other harmful files, which cause slow device


USB bootable
1. Download first rufus_v1.3.2
2. Open the application

3. Select the device (your usb)
4. Create a bootable disk using ISO Image
5. Search for your ISO Image file

6. Click start

6. Press Ok
7. Wait until its DONE..!!
8. After completing this, you can now install this OS..
9. Restart you PC 
10. Boot from USB
11. Install!

CD bootable
1. Download ISO file
2. Burn it on CD
3. Restart your PC
4. Boot from CD/DVD rom
5. Install!

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