Free Registry Repair Pro


Registry Repair Pro scans the Windows Registry for invalid or obsolete information. When you fix this information it will make your PC run faster and will eliminate many of the errors Windows may have. By using Registry Repair Pro regularly and fixing your registry, your computer will become more stable and help Windows and your software run faster.  

Registry Repair Pro Features

*  Increase speed and stability of your system
*  Scans Registry for causes of Windows crashes
* Safe and effective way to clean Registry and improve performance
*  Helps repair corrupt files that Anti-Spyware alone can’t fix
*  Works with most Windows OS – 7, Vista, XP, Me, 98, NT and 2000
*  Easy Graphical Interface for Novice and Advanced Users

Visit  Homepage for more details ( poor reputation as per WOT )

How to get it for free

1)  Download Registry Repair Pro (  6.41 MB  ) and install

2) Use the below universal key from Giveawayoftheday

Name :  Your Name
Registration key:   02DZ0F-VNGE4A-EXAX54-NTDFJV-Y8EN8B-KUKV2R

Registration details :

Note: All Download Links are though the courtesy of TheWindowsClub 

wise PC 1staid

Wise PC 1stAid: Troubleshooting freeware to fix Windows problems

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Netcam Studio

Netcam Studio: All-in-one surveillance system for Windows

Netcam Studio is a powerful and professional surveillance system for Windows. It is a complete solution to monitor your home or office from your PC or Mobile. You can even monitor a PC without actually watching it from some other […]


Uniform Server: Lightweight server solution for Windows

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Similar Image Finder lets you find matching images

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rename and tag music files with TagScanner

Rename and tag music files quickly with TagScanner

We all love music. Some people love slow music, while some love hip-hop type. Many of us hold a huge collection of various kinds of music. Our collection is often based on the name of the artists, genre and may be […]

easy and portable audio editor

WaveShop: Free portable audio editor software for Windows

Now you can touch every part of your audio file without affecting the rest by using WaveShop, an easy and portable audio editor software for Windows. WaveShop is an open source application which is fast, lightweight and performs the task […]


CloudShot: Capture and save screenshots directly to Dropbox

CloudShot is a free screen capturing utility that lets you capture your PC screen and directly save it on the cloud storage. CloudShot integrates with your Dropbox account to upload screenshots. It is a nice and useful tool. CloudShot runs […]


DirectX 11 download: How to update or install DirectX on Windows

Microsoft DirectX is a suite of technologies developed by Microsoft to provide hardware acceleration for heavy multimedia applications such as 3D games and HD videos. Starting with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, Microsoft introduced DirectX 11. To confirm and check […]


Steganography: Freeware to hide archive files in JPG images

Got some private archive files? Let’s see another way to hide those files and make them private. Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, […]

efficient diary search

Efficient Diary: Free Diary Software for Windows

Maintaining a diary is always a good habit as it helps us recording our memories, our experiences and our perceptions along the way of life. I was struggling with paper and pen to maintain my personal diary before I started […]


Download Metro Wallpaper Pack For Windows 8

Metro Wallpaper Pack is a free metro styled wallpaper pack for your PC/Notebook. It comes with a total of 65 different wallpapers in 10 different colours. All the wallpapers are nicely prepared and furnished with real beauty. They look beautiful […]

Caesium options

Caesium Image Compressor: Compress Images up to 90% without changing quality

High resolution pictures look sharp and crisp but they take more space on your computer and also take time to get uploaded on the social networking website or even in a mail. If you are into blogging, you might surely […]


MailBird – An Elegant E-mail Client for Gmail

MailBird is an elegant looking and fast E-mail client for Windows, that as of now only works with Gmail & Google Apps. But I guess some of us may be using Gmail as our primary account and use it to send and […]

Freeware image editor

Colour Surprise: Randomize the colors in your photographs

Colour Surprise is a freeware image editor that offers a speedy and cool way to randomize the colors in your photographs. It is a freeware that changes the color of your photograph randomly without altering the pixels, by making use of different […]


Add Folders & Items to This PC folder in Windows 8.1

In Windows 8.1 Microsoft has introduced a new section to My Computer or This PC, called Folders. By default there are  a couple of folders listed there. Would you like to add some other folders or items in to this […]


Viivo: Cloud file encryption service for Dropbox

In this modern world most of us store important files on the cloud. So it’s very important for us to have a maximum security for all the files so that no one can access them in an unauthorized manner. I know […]

password display

MaskMe: Create infinite number of email aliases & personal data

Data breach incidents are on the rise, be it being done by national spying agencies (referring PRISM) for security reasons or big businesses for tracking a potential customer’s behavior. Our lives are increasingly getting online so, the personal information we […]


FreeFixer: Free Tool To Remove Potentially Unwanted Software

Recently I found my computer installed with some unwanted toolbar and found that some of my settings like the startup items, browser home page, toolbar, etc. had been modified. So I was searching for a removal options, so that I could see the […]


Bill2′s Process Manager- A Powerful CPU Management Software

Windows is constantly evolving with the introduction of multi core processor people and trying to improve the performance that will take advantage of the hardware. Even though Windows is built to better handle processes and memory, there is still room for improvement. […]


Chronolapse: Freeware to make Time Lapse or Stop Motion Video

Chronolapse is an open source tool for creating time lapses on Windows, using screen captures, webcam captures, or even both at the same time. Features like custom frequency, annotation, different video codecs and etc. makes the overall functionality of the program much better. […]

remove broken shortcuts

Freeware to fix or remove Broken Shortcuts in Windows

Having too many broken shortcuts on your Windows can be messy and its a good idea to scan for and remove broken shortcuts every once in a while – just a matter of good house-keeping! While most What are broken shortcuts […]


DriverView: Display list of all device drivers in Windows

When you face frequent issues with your computer system, it becomes necessary to check the programs and drivers installed on your system. Although the Windows user can look up for any device driver through the Device Manager – what if […]


TurnedOnTimesView: Monitor Windows Startup & Shutdown times

TurnedOnTimesView is a simple but useful Event Log Viewer and Monitor for your Windows Operating System. This tiny application lets you keep a record of every time your computer was turned on or off. Well, with this freeware, you can keep […]

Secret Pad

3 Freeware to Protect or Encrypt Notepad text files

Notepad text files are really very handy and useful to note things down. But have you ever thought about security of the notepad files? Well, security is a must and a Notepad text file offers no security against prying eyes. One must […]


RunScanner Review – A excellent startup & hijack analyzer

RunScanner is an excellent application that will scan the startup items and hunt for Malware. It will scan for all running processes, programs, services, drivers, auto start locations, and hijack points. It can detect system changes made by viruses, malware. […]

Password Recovery Budle

Password Recovery Bundle Standard Review, Giveaway & Download

We often lose or forget our important passwords. I’ve lost my Facebook, E-Mail, Twitter and passwords for most of the online and application accounts. But every online service has the ‘Forgot Password’ option to recover passwords. But what if you […]

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review, Giveaway & Download

Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a powerful video conversion tool that lets you convert, download, edit or burn videos into DVD. The software comes packed with a feature filled media player, namely ‘Wondershare Player’. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review To […]


eMo Web Browse Optimizer Tool for IE, Chrome, Firefox & other browsers

Most modern-day browsers takes up a lot of memory and it sometimes affects the performance of the computer, especially computers with older specifications. We are used to having multiple tabs open, which increase the memory usage to even up to 300 to 400 MB. It’s too […]

kidzy browser

Kidzy: Free and Safe Web Browser For Kids

How often your kids use internet and more important is how do they use it? If you think that your kids use the internet same way as you do, you are mistaken. While we shop, bank, work and do other[…]

8Smoker Pro

8Smoker Pro: Tweaking freeware for Windows 8

Tweaking Windows 8 to suit your personal requirements has become easy with 8Smoker Pro.  With the help of 8Smoker Pro, you can tweak most of the Windows 8 operating system. This free software, is simple for beginners and powerful for experts, and helps […]

Windows Run COmmand

Windows Run Command: A free Windows Run replacement utility

Windows Run Dialog is an easy way to open programs, if you are familiar with it. It gives you a shortcut method to open things. But its alternatives like Executor or Windows Run-Command make things even easier and handy. Windows Run-Command is […]

2 PC Matic Home Security

PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security Free Review & Download

PC Pistop the developers of PC Matic, a Windows optimization software have released PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security Free Version. This free version of PC Matic Home Security includes all security features of PC Matic. Since PC Pitstop was […]

Clone - AOMEI Backupper

AOMEI Backupper Review & Download

One of the most horrible things to happen to any computer user would be losing all data. Imagine for a second that all your work and precious files which you had accumulated over the years, disappears in the blink of an eye. […]

off road mode

Download Opera Next for Windows 8 | 7

Opera Next, the latest version of the Opera browser is based on the Chromium platform. Opera 15 or Opera Next as you may call it, adds a raft of new features to the desktop browsing experience. Most of the features […]

Open PSD files

Open PSD files without using Adobe Photoshop

Don’t have Photoshop, and your colleagues have sent a PSD file? You start wondering how to open PSD files since you don’t have Photoshop installed on your PC. Photoshop is certainly the best image processor in the market, and you […]


NeoRouter – A Zero Configuration Remote Access & VPN Solution

NeoRouter is a free zero-configuration VPN solution that provides your small business, a remote access solution that is secure and easy to use. For those who are not familiar with the term VPN, it means Virtual Private Network, which securely […]

5. Blue Screen Troubleshooter

Dell Support Center software, helps keep Dell PC up to date & running efficiently

I use Windows 8 on a Dell laptop. Wanting to check and download the latest drivers for it, I decided to visit the Dell website. This was when I came across the Dell Support Center software, which is available as […]

Le Dimmer helps you focus on your task & avoid distractions

Avoiding all sorts of distractions while working can help you complete your task quickly and productively. Isn’t it? Often we keep many programs open simultaneously, so that we can have quick access to them whenever we want. However, in the […]


SkyShellEx lets you sync any folder with SkyDrive

One of the feature, SkyDrive users are looking for is the ability to sync any folder on their Windows 8 PC with SkyDrive. This was one feature they missed after Live Mesh was retired. You can however now get this […]


Email Notifier for Outlook.com

If you are one of the millions of regular Outlook.com users, Howard Email Notifier is just the perfect desktop utility for you. You do not need to peek into your Inbox again and again to check for any new mail, […]


Chasys Draw IES – An Advanced Photo Editor

Chasys Draw IES is a fully featured image editing software application with loads of features. The developer claims once you get used to this interface you’ll never go back to another application. That’s quite a challenge. According to the John, its […]

Windows 8 End User Training Brochure

Download Windows 8 & Windows RT End User Training Brochure

Microsoft has released a brochure titled Meet the new Windows. It is an excellent training brochure and guide which every new Windows 8 end user must read. Windows 8 End User Training Brochure & Guide This Windows 8 End User Training […]

Skyfonts - google fonts

SkyFonts: Download & Install Google Fonts on to Windows PC

Google has always been launching, and sometimes discontinuing, many products and services for the user. One of its offerings, Google Fonts has always focused in offering beautiful and open-source fonts to the web, free of cost. As such, It has made some […]


Download WinPatrolToGo, portable version of WinPatrol

No matter how often you use your computer system or which operating system you are using, your PC must always be protected against malicious programs. Hijackers today have too many ideas to take control over your computer and thus it becomes […]

flash player

Alternative Flash Player Auto Updater

Flash player from Adobe is an important software which most computer users install. Without Flash, some web pages will not function properly and that is the reason why most hackers and malware program have started targeting Flash. Adobe releases frequent […]


Wondershare DVD Builder Deluxe Review, Giveaway and Download

Have you captured some photos in a function or an occasion, and now want to arrange them up and create a final good-looking slideshow clip? This is now no more a difficult task. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, Wondershare DVD […]

Ratool - change password 2

Restrict USB access to Windows computer with Ratool

Imagine you are working, feeling exhausted you leave your desk to grab a cup of coffee only to realize on your return the data you kept confidential is no more in its original form. Your friend has accessed all the […]


Download latest Surface Pro firmware and driver pack

Microsoft has updated and released cumulative firmware and driver pack for Surface Pro. It includes the latest version of the firmware and drivers, required for Surface Pro, in a downloadable zip format. These drivers are in the INF file format […]

use printer and scanner as photocopier

Use Printer & Scanner as Photocopier with iCopy software for Windows 7 | 8

Earlier, I just had a Printer, which I had bought because I need to take a lot of print-outs. Later, I felt that I also need a Scanner to scan documents. Hence I purchased a scanner. Now the problem is, […]


Avidemux – An Open Source Video Editor

Avidemux is a free video editor designed for simple cutting, filtering and encoding tasks. If you’re looking an an advanced video editor, then this is not the software you want. Avidemux offers a lot of basic video editing capabilities for […]

free animated computer background

Fun freeware downloads to put insects on your Windows desktop

Looking for fun freeware downloads? Need some fun on your desktop while you work? Planning to play a prank on your friend? Here is something you will love. Because it’s creepy, yet funny and it’s free. These applications will put different insects on […]


Viber for Windows: Make free calls & Send free messages

Viber, one the most downloaded app in Windows Phone Store, Google Play Store and Apple App Store is now available to download for Windows PC and Mac. Viber lets you make free calls and free messages via the Internet. Support […]


ImBatch: Free Batch Image Processing Software For Windows

ImBatch is a Windows freeware for batch image processing. With this tool, you can convert, re-size,  rotate as well as perform other operations on a bunch of images in a single operation – i.e. in batch mode. Free Batch Image Processing […]


Ashampoo PhotoCommander 11 Giveaway

After the review and giveaway of Ashampoo PhotoCommander 10, we are here again with the review and giveaway of the latest Ashampoo PhotoCommander 11. Ashampoo Photo Commander is an all-in-one personal photo manager and editor, that comes packed with some […]


Free Keylogger software for Windows

Recording the keys pressed on a keyboard is often termed as Key Logging and Keyloggers are the software that let you record the keystrokes and let you view the key logs. Keyloggers are actually useful tools. You can view which keys […]


XnRetro: Add Retro and Vintage effects to photos

XnRetro is a free image editing utility that lets you add vintage, retro and various other stunning graphics and effects to your photos and images. Packed with a set beautiful effects and awesome features each effects in XnRetro is customizable […]

bonaview categories

BonAView : Photo Manager freeware with a 3D Interface, for Windows

BonAView is one of the most innovative and advanced photo management software with ultimate features. It provides some fantastic photo organization tools which help you manage the pictures stored in your computer system. With the image management tools of BonAView […]


RegOwnershipEx: Take ownership of registry keys easily

You may be aware of our freeware RegOwnit, that lets you take full control of Windows registry keys easily. RegOwnershipEx is another free utility that lets you explore the registry keys and take ownership. This process can also be done from […]


XnSketch: Turn photos into cartoons, sketch images, etc

XnSketch is a free and portable image editing utility that lets you turn photos into cartoons, add sketch and other effects to your images. XnSketch comes packed with a set beautiful effects and awesome features. Each effect is customizable up to some extent. […]

keylogger detector

Keylogger Detector freeware for Windows 8 | 7

Malware today, is well  capable of installing keyloggers and recording every keystroke you make on your computer, and can well jeopardize your financial details like passwords, credit card numbers and so on. These days most antivirus or security software include […]


PASSWORDfighter Giveaway and Download

Tired of remembering and entering passwords for different accounts? PASSWORDfighter is here to help you out. PASSWORDfighter, from the makers of SPAMfighter, is a feature filled password manager that comes with a secure database and automatic login features. It lets you […]

after the deadline

Free Spelling, Style, Grammar Checker Plugins & Software

There are many different grammar, style and spell checking extensions and plugins available on the web, but not all of them are good. If you are looking for some good and useful style, spelling and grammar checker plugins or extensions, your […]

Messenger Reviver 2

Messenger Reviver 2: Bring Messenger back from the dead!

In its prime time, the Messenger was one oof the top instant messaging software and indeed a rage among youngsters as well as professionals. However it was replaced by its successor Windows Live Messenger. Now, after Windows Live Messenger’s recent closure, many […]


Download Trend Micro SafeGuard For Windows 8

Trend Micro SafeGuard App is now available to download for free from the Windows Store. This app for Windows 8 is basically meant for keeping users safe on the Internet. It claims to be very strict when it comes to verification of malicious […]


BetterDesktopTools: Expose & Spaces like features for Windows

Managing multiple windows can be a tedious task when multitasking. This is a usual problem faced by web designers, PCB designers, copywriters, app managers and even common household users. Anyhow, there is an excellent solution to this problem in the […]


TinySpell : Free Spell Checker Software For Windows

If you are a blogger or a content writer, you surely might have felt the need for a good spell checker software in your system. Writing good and error free posts is the key to being a good blogger. No matter how good […]

DOk Files

DesktopOK: Save and restore icon positions on Windows desktop

Fed up of changes in the arrangement of your desktop icons, after every change in screen resolutions? The solution to this frustrating problem is DesktopOK. DesktopOK is a free and tiny utility that can store and restore the arrangement of desktop icons. It […]


KCleaner: Free junk file cleaner & remover for Windows PC

KCleaner is yet another free hard disk cleaner which runs quickly and lets you clean every byte, of useless data from your computer. It is available with a lot of customization options and automation features, making it, in my opinion, […]

PDFMate PDF Converter

Freeware to extract Images from PDF files

The PDF format is the most preferred medium when we think about exchanging document across the web, but it becomes a bit intricate when we want to extract the images from a PDF document and save it as a JPEG, […]


Lingoes: Free Text Translator & Dictionary software

Lingoes is a free Text Translator & Dictionary software for Windows. For all those who are learning a new language, this tool is very helpful as it gives you very precise meanings and translation of words. Lingoes lets you cross translate […]


SpamFighter Free blocks Spam From Your Inbox

Users using Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail or Thunderbird might be well aware of spam – Junk Emails of commercial nature. It’s something that has become a constant menace for the computer users. If you would like to get […]


PassBox : Free Password Manager & Generator for Windows 8 | 7

In this world now, everything is password protected, your phone, computer, e-mails and what not. And remembering so many passwords can be difficult  sometimes. What’s more, you cannot have a simple password. It has to be something strong and out-of-place, […]

reduce pdf file size

Optimize, compress & reduce PDF File size in Windows

PDF file-format is an amazing format for saving documents. But emailing and sharing PDF files sometimes become a problem as some of the PDF files are very large in size. As a result many of us look for ways to […]


Synei System Utilities: Free optimization suite for Windows

Synei System Utilities appears to be a newly released freeware, that promises to clean, speed up, maintain, secure, and repair your system. This free optimization suite is a complete care package for your computer and promises to make your computer run […]


Clipa.Vu : Free Clipboard Manager app for Windows 8

We have already seen a few Clipboard Managers for Windows 7 | 8 earlier. Today we will have a look at Clipà.Vu, a Clipboard Manager app for Windows 8. Clipa.Vu – Free Clipboard Manager app for Windows 8 Clipà.Vu lets you copy, paste, transfer […]


PC Image Editor: Free, Simple Image Editor for Windows

PC Image Editor is a free, simple, easy-to-use, yet effective image editing software for Windows. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you can use this ‘easy to operate tool’ for all your everyday editing tasks. Packed in 6.17 MBs, […]


Advanced Renamer : Freeware to batch rename files in Windows

Most of us end up with having a bunch of unordered and badly named files. Renaming each of them one by one is a difficult task. But to make your task easier, there are quite a few batch file renaming[…]

AMD Driver Autodetect

Update AMD Drivers with AMD Driver Autodetect for Windows

Updating device drivers from time to time is good as it could improve hardware performance, add features or controls and  improve stability and life. The Device Manager in Windows will let you change hardware settings, identify device drivers for each […]


Windows 8 Manager Review & Giveaway

Windows 8 Manager is one software any Windows 8 user would love to have installed on his or her Windows 8 computer. It is an all-in-one program that will help you optimize, tweak, repair and clean up your Windows 8 PC. […]


Standalone On demand Antivirus Scanners for Windows

Even though most of us may have an antivirus software installed on our Windows computer, there may be times of doubt, where you might want a second opinion. While one can always visit online antivirus scanners from well-know security software […]

My CPU & Memory Monitor

Monitor PC from system tray with My CPU & Memory Monitor

While you are using your Windows PC, the RAM memory and CPU is constantly being used. Keeping an eye on them is a good habit, especially if you are a power-user.. It gives you information about RAM and CPU usage consuming apps. […]

Event Log Manager-review-freeware-image3

Event Log Manager: Free event log management software

Event Log Management refers to the comprehensive process of consolidation of network-wide generated event logs in a central repository, archiving of current and historical event logs to keep them readily available for future reference, event log filtration for requirement-centric browsing […]

Anti-theft Laptop Recovery software

Free Anti-theft Laptop Recovery software for Windows

Most laptops that are stolen are never recovered. However, if you have an anti-theft application installed, you can ensure the outcome is not so, in your case. Retrieving a lost or stolen laptop becomes easier! In the post, you will find […]


VSUsbLogon: Securely log in to Windows using USB Drive

Hate entering password, every time you log on to Windows? Want a better option that you can carry in your pocket? You can convert your USB Flash Drive into a ‘key’ to help you log into your computer. No need to […]


Encrypt Files or Text easily with VSEncryptor

VSEncryptor is a very easy to use encryption tool which allows you to encrypt any type of file or text. With VSEncryptor you can encrypt a file with a password – but remember – you can decrypt the file again with the same […]


SpeedFan : Monitor voltage, fan speeds & temperatures

I work on a laptop, and I think that it needs some serious tuning up with the fan. It spins very fast after every few minutes, and also is very loud. While looking for some options to control the temperature […]

Handy Backup

Handy Backup Home Pro Review, Giveaway & Download

Handy Backup is a great backup tool that allows a user to easily backup important files and documents and keep a record of them. The program offers variety of features. You might see some extra and non-ordinary features that adds […]


SnapPea – Manage Android phone from Windows PC

Today I came across this excellent software called SnapPea. This application helps you manage your Android phone from your Windows desktop. SnapPea is packed with lot of nice little features. Though this article I’ll walk you through some of its features. […]


Subsonic: Build your own Media Server

Subsonic is a free and an open source web-based media streamer. With Subsonic you can share all your favorite music and videos on your own media server that is your own PC. Subsonic is cross-platform and allows great customization. Setting up […]

appwinoff 5

ShadowExplorer: Shadow Copies made accessible

Shadow Copy or Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) is a pre-included service in Microsoft Windows that allows manual or automatic snapshots of a volume. The service creates shadow copies of the entire NTFS volume and stores it in the same […]


SafeIP: Hide, Change IP address, Surf Anonymously

There may be times when you may want to hide your IP address or change your IP address. In such cases, using a freeware makes things easier. SafeIP is one such free software for Windows 7 | 8, that will let […]


Free Memory Optimizers for Windows

When your computer freezes occasionally, webpages refuse to load and some programs just fail to startup, chances are your system is losing out on memory. Under such situations, Memory Optimizers may help. Now let clear initially itself, that most consider role of […]


My Coloring Pages: Free Windows 8 app for children

My Coloring Pages is a new Windows 8 app that kids will just love. It comes with a lot of coloring template pages for children of all tastes and ages. It enables natural and effortless coloring and painting both for kids […]

xwidget 4

XWidget : Desktop customization freeware for Windows 7 | 8

XWidget is simple piece of software that brings a flair of customizing to your Windows computer, while adding some its own new features. XWidget is a handy and light yet powerful visual widget editor with very subtle animations. Although, there are […]


OUTDATEfighter: Automatic System & Software Updater for Windows 7 | 8

From the SPAMfighter developers comes OUTDATEfighter, a software update checker that will help you update installed programs on your Windows machine, automatically. Updating software to its latest versions is an important step to ensure that you have its latest features […]


Wondershare Video Editor Review & 10 license Giveaway

Video Editing is now no more a difficult task. With Wondershare Video Editor, you can quickly and easily edit your videos without any professional’s help because the professionals with you at your home! Wondershare Video Editor is a powerful, easiest […]

Zemana AntiLogger settings

Zemana AntiLogger: Free Anti-Keylogger software for Windows 8 | 7

Some of the malware (real financial malware) are well capable of recording every keystroke you make on your computer, posing great threats of keylogger attacks. All the important information – Passwords, usernames, credit card numbers and security codes are all vulnerable […]


SlimBoat web browser for Windows: Fast, secure & feature-rich

These days, mainstream web browsers have become more and more tuned towards a minimalist design style in terms of user interface by getting rid of the traditional menu bar, merging address bar and search box, and reducing the number of […]

Wise Care system privacy checker

Wise Care 365 – A Free PC Cleaning & Speedup Tool

Often, we load our system with useless stuff. This over-stuffing makes the system bloated slowing down its performance. Regularly cleaning of obsolete files, deleting invalid links manually requires both, user’s time and efforts. Nevertheless, there are many free Optimizers & Cleaner software that[…]


MaxiDisk 2013 Review & Download

Till recently MaxiDisk was a part of UniBlue PowerSuite, which helps maintain and improve the performance of your Windows computer. However, lately, the company has now started selling MaxiDisk 2013 as a separate product. MaxiDisk 2013 Review As is with most […]

Bootable media selection

Reset Windows Password with Recover my Password Home Free

It’s in human nature to forget things at times (mistakenly or deliberately). The worse may hit when you are just back from your vacations and fail to remember your Windows password. Under such circumstances, no matter how hard you try, […]


Ashampoo WinOptimizer 10 – 10 License Giveaway

The German software manufacturer Ashampoo, has just released Ashampoo WinOptimizer 10, an optimization suite for Windows. The software helps keep your Windows operating system free of junk, traces and leftover thrash and optimizes and tunes its performance to give you the […]


Free Registry Defragmenter to defrag Windows Registry

The Windows Registry is a database, located in the system32 folder, that stores all system configurations and settings.  Over a period of time, you do end up installing and uninstalling several software on your computer. many a times, you tweak or change […]

Password Bank Vault

Password Bank Vault encrypts & stores all your passwords securely

None, except you should have access to all your important passwords. Because, passwords which are a combination of letters, numbers and more ensure confidentiality of data stored across various workstations. Often, it is advised to choose a strong password to […]


KShutdown: Shut Down Your Windows PC at a Set Time

Have you ever felt the need of some software to shut down you computer at a particular time while you are asleep or out of your house? I often felt the need of such software, when I used download some […]


AppCleaner, a power-packed junk cleaner for Windows

AppCleaner is yet another freeware that will help you keep your Windows installation clean and junk-free. This free junk cleaner helps identify and delete obsolete data and junk-files, for a clutter-free disk and better privacy. It also includes a registry […]


Free Toolbar Cleaner & Remover Tools for your browsers

We have already seen how to manually uninstall some toolbars which may have got installed on your Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera or other browsers. While in most cases it may be possible to uninstall them via the Control Panel or […]


Torch Web Browser – A Browser for Heavy Torrent Downloaders

There are many web browsers tailored to meet most of your needs but only few are capable of managing torrent download tasks well, without requiring to download any additional software. That’s why we have a new entry here in the browser […]

USB devices deactivated

Secure your USB with Phrozen Safe USB

USB Storage device is a handy tool. It is capable of carrying large chunks of information in a small size chip. This not only makes it favorable tool for transferring and storing information, as and when required but also a […]


Anti Tracks 9.0.1 Free gets many new features & a cool UI

We had covered Anti Tracks Free, the privacy cleaning tool for Windows, a few months back. Since then the freeware seems to have received a total overhaul, with a cool new user-interface and some great new features. Anti Tracks Free As we […]


Windows Screen Capture Tool For Windows 7 | 8 Released

Windows Screen Capture Tool is a free screen capturing tool designed to work on the Windows operating system. With Windows Screen Capture Tool, you can capture full screen, selected screen area, windows, webpages and more. In addition to this you can also […]

Simulator Download

Run Firefox OS on Windows PC with Simulator

Firefox OS is a whole new Mobile OS developed by Mozilla’s Boot to Gecko project. The operating system does not come installed on any of the phones yet. But you can have a look at the OS, by simulating it on […]


Celebrate the Year of the Snake with Chinese New Year theme for Windows

Microsoft has been releasing some pretty exciting themes days. The most recent being the Best of Bing – Chinese New Year theme. Rich in colors, the theme contains 9 wallpapers, and makes your windows go pink. Millions of Chinese people, […]


Download WinZip app for Windows 8 Free (Not Free)

You can now download WinZip app for Windows 8, 32-bit and 64-bit, free from the Windows Store. The app when launched in November last year was priced at USD 7.99, but is now available as a free download. WinZip for Windows […]

Ad block

QupZilla: Open Source Multi-platform Web Browser

We have in the past covered some good alternative web browsers for your Windows, which we think may be good enough to meet your individual browsing requirements. Today, we review in short, another browser – QupZilla. Qupzilla is a lightweight, open-source […]

Start Menu

Start Menu 8: Add Start Menu & Button to Windows 8

Windows 8 might have received rave reviews for its super cool and touch optimized features but one user interface change brought it considerable amount of criticism – Start Screen. It had the classic Windows Start Menu missing! Many loyal Windows […]


PhotoCrypt: Encrypt & Password Protect your images

Photos are our prized private possessions that we sometime want and sometimes don’t want to share them with anyone. PhotoCrypt is a photo encryption tool that can help you maintain the privacy of your personal photos and images. The software supports […]

Service Controller - Add Service remove

Control Windows Services with Service Controller

Over time, your computer may get less responsive. The more programs you install, the longer it may take for Windows to start-up. Although it’s a good idea to have some programs start at boot-up, running others may just waste resources […]


Free CUDA Video Converter: Easily convert & edit your media files

Free CUDA Video Converter is a video & audio editing and conversion software that helps you to convert your movies/music/videos into various formats that are supported by different devices. This application comes with some great conversion features that lets you easily edit […]


Free Screen Capture Software For Windows 7 | 8

The Snipping Tool in Windows 7 or Windows 8 lets you take out some nice screenshots on your Windows computer. But if you are looking for a feature-rich yet free screen capture software, then you may want to check out some […]

Windows 8 Apps Data Backup Window backup start

How to Backup & Restore App Data in Windows 8

The Refresh feature in Windows 8 may preserve your Windows Store Apps and App data. But if you ever need to use the Reset feature or reinstall your operating system, you would lose all the Apps as well as App […]


Tweak Me – A free Windows Optimizer

Today I happened to come across this nifty little application called Tweak Me. It’s a tweaking and optimization freeware for most of the Windows-based operating system that will help you optimize your computer. They have in their latest updated version, added […]

Malware Bytes settings module

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free: Review & Download

Among the several  3rd-party free anti-malware programs available today, one of the most popular one’s is Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.  Malwarebytes’ is fast, light-weight and yet very effective. It is updated several times in a day. Not only will it scan your computer quickly, […]


Helge’s Switchblade – A Portable toolkit for IT Professionals

Helge’s Switchblade is a portable utility meant mainly for IT professionals and System administrators. It comes packed with a good collection of application. As IT Pros we often carry a USB with essential applications to use on a client site. When there are many […]


Evalaze: Virtualize your Windows applications

Evalaze is a free but powerful software virtualization application that allows a user to flexibly run a virtual application. The program creates a different virtual environment so that the virtual applications do not affect the working of Windows and other […]


DDownloads provides Direct Download Links to Software

Buying a new PC is always blissful, but setting it with all required software is a very tiresome experience at the same time. Spending hours and hours on web to find, download and install the required useful tools like Flash, […]

Anvi Disk repair

Uninstall & Remove Ransomware with Anvi Rescue Disk for Windows

Ransomware has become a growing menace! It is a term many computer users today aren’t aware of. Well, for those unaware of the term, Ransomware install on our computer under disguise, hijacks our computers and then demands payment for returning […]


Log & Track activity on Windows computer with LastActivityView

Ever wanted to track all the tasks being run on your computer, quickly?  LastActivityView from Nirsoft is a freeware that displays details of recent user actions and logs events and tasks taking on your Windows PC. The program collects information from […]

Plex Media Center

Plex Media Server: Create A Local & Online Media Server

Plex Media Server is a free and open source media center software that lets you easily create a local or an internet media server, onto which you can stream almost anything. This easy to operate software allows you to stream […]


Download Adobe Photoshop Creative Suite free – legally!

Adobe has made its Creative Suite 2 available as a free download for all. If you need a quality image editor, Adobe Photo



mFTP: A free FTP Metro App for Windows 8

mFTP is  free FTP folder browsing Windows 8 app that lets you download or upload anything to your FTP server. With all the required and familiar features, it makes accessing FTP from Windows 8 a great experience. The program has […]


Image Tuner: A free batch image editor for Windows 7 | 8

Image Tuner is a free batch image editor that lets you edit your images collectively and even by one by one. Image Tuner possess all the major editing features and it also have some extra batch editing options. It lets […]


WinReducer8: Customize Your Windows 8 Installation

One key feature that separates Windows 8 from Windows 7 is speed. The new operating system takes less time to install programs and apps. Moreover, it consumes less disk space than Windows 7 operating system. Even the process of reinstalling and […]

Lync Home Screen

Lync Windows Store App for Windows 8

Apart from the official launch of Windows 8, October 26 was the date when a number of Microsoft-developed apps for the new platform were released in the final form. Among them was Lync Windows Store app. Most, who tried their […]


How to Use Windows 8 Client Hyper-V

We have already seen how Hyper-V will work on Windows 8 and how to enable Hyper-V in Windows 8. This guide from Microsoft will give you additional information on using Hyper-V in Windows 8. Windows 8 Client Hyper-V Client Hyper-V […]


Download Trackpad Settings App for Surface

If you have purchased a Microsoft Surface, you definitely want to download and use the Trackpad Settings app released by Microsoft. This app will help you change the settings of the Trackpad easily. Microsoft Surface keyboards have a Trackpad that […]


List of 12 Best Windows Software

The year came out to be a good year for software developers and software companies. In the complete year we tested many new software, out of which some were awesome and some not so! After looking around and after knowing people’s […]


Download Expression Design, Expression Web & Expression Encoder FREE

Microsoft will shut down the Expression brand of commercial software. Expression Studio, Expression Studio Ultimate, Expression Studio Web, Expression Design, Expression Design Web, Expression Encoder, Expression Blend, etc. Some Expression software were available for download free, but some more are […]


Download Adobe Reader for Windows 8

The most loved PDF reader application of Windows users is now available in all new crisp and metro platform. The all new Adobe Reader app for Windows 8 is available to download from the Windows Store. The built-in Windows 8 Reader is […]


Download MSN 2012 Holidays Wallpaper & Screensaver Pack

Last month Bing released its Winter Wallpaper and Screensaver Pack. Just a few days back MSN released MSN 2012 Holidays Wallpaper and Screensaver Pack. The MSN 2012 Holidays Wallpaper and Screensaver Pack contains five illustrations as wallpapers which are sure […]


3 popular Facebook apps for Windows 8

Although Windows Store is fully developed now, it lacks many official apps for popular services like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Nevertheless, there are many third-party apps available that have been designed to allow you to connect with these services. Today we will […]

my explorer

3 File Explorer Apps for Windows 8

Now when it is over a month using Windows 8, I am very much satisfied with the UI and the features here. After talking about many good and useful Windows 8 apps, today I will write about very useful File […]


Download Windows 8 Accessibility Guide from Microsoft

Microsoft has released an Accessibility Tutorials and a Fact Sheet for Windows 8 and it is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. The guide discusses the Accessibility features and options available in Windows 8. Windows 8 includes […]

Manager web app

Manager – A Free accounting software for Windows

Maintaining accurate accounting records remain a legal obligation for people running small-business organizations. Over the years technology has evolved much and so the methods of keeping accounting records. Most tools, today help to make this process as efficient as possible. […]


Download Save to Google Drive Extension for Google Chrome

Google Drive is now a day’s most popular cloud space provider. Google Drive have launched a Chrome extension which can help you save the images from the Internet directly to your Google Drive account. This extension lets you capture the content from […]


Free Easy Audio Editor: Audio Editing Software for Windows

As the name suggests, Free Easy Audio Editor is a free audio editing and recording utility that comes packed with some great features that are very simple and easy to use. You can now start your personal audio editing studio without […]

iTunes Mini Player

iTunes 11 for Windows – Download & Review

Apple issued a statement some time ago that it would update and release the new version of iTunes before the end of November. The company did as promised! After a little postponing, Apple has finally has released iTunes 11 for […]


Stickies: Digital Sticky Notes for your Windows computer

Fed up of all those yellow colored reminder paper notes that you keep on pasting on your computer’s monitor screen. Now it’s time to upgrade to their computerized version. There is a lot you can do with the built-in Sticky […]


NORAD Tracks Santa App for Windows 8 released

Most of us are aware of the NORAD Santa Tracker website will show Santa Claus & his reindeer leave the North Pole from the North Pole towards the whole world delivering presents. NORAD Track Santa App for Windows 8 Santa trackers […]


StartW8: A free Windows 8 start menu replacement.

Want your start menu back in Windows 8. Well you might not have liked the modern UI or if you simply want both the start menu in your PC. We have already seen several freeware to add start menu to […]


Download Firefox with MSN – a new release from Mozilla

Mozilla has released a customized version of Firefox, who like to enjoy their daily dose of MSN on Firefox browser. Aptly called Firefox with MSN, the browser has Bing set as the default search, sets MSN as your default home […]


Spybot 2 Search and Destroy Released – Download now!

There was a time during the Windows XP days, that after installing an antivirus software, one just had to install an anti-spyware software too. The two anti-spyware which almost everyone respected were AdAware and Spybot Search & Destroy. Over a period of time, […]


Advanced SystemCare Expert mode

Advanced SystemCare 6 Free for Windows 8

At all times we should ensure the computer we are using is in good shape. Because this helps in maintaining the performance of the computer, no matter what we use it for, business or pleasure – and in the second place […]


5 Best Windows 8 Apps I Love To Use

I just bought the new Sony Vaio E Series laptop a few days back and it came with preloaded Windows 8.  Being a tech writer I have written many articles on Windows 8 and thus its functionality seemed quite confusing […]


Kylo: Mozilla based web browser for TVs running Windows

Kylo is a free web browser specially developed for TVs running Windows OS or a Windows PC connected to a TV screen. Kylo comes with many interesting features that can enhance the usage of your Windows TV. Kylo also gives you an amazing […]


Download Winter Wallpaper and Screensaver Pack from Bing

Inspired by a chill in the air, Bing has decided to bring the Winter season to your Windows desktop. They have released wallpaper and screensaver pack, comprising of seven cool images that have been displayed on the Bing Search home […]


Modern Tile Maker for Windows 8 released

We are pleased to released Modern Tile Maker, a freeware for Windows 8 that will allow you to create Modern or Metro style Tiles for Files, Folders, Desktop Programs, Web links and more. When you create a shortcut of any […]

Program Screenshot

Change Windows 8 Start Screen Background with Decor8

Looking for a way to customize your Start Screen in Windows 8, but don’t like the options Microsoft gave to you? Well Stardock has an app for you: Decor8. With Decor8 you can change the background of your start screen to […]


Create powerful mouse gestures with StrokePlus for Windows

Who doesn’t like shortcuts? Whether they are keyboard shortcuts or touch gestures, everybody tries to avoid the longer ways to perform the tasks and choose the fast, easiest and the shortest way to perform the same task. Mouse gestures are the […]

Smart Deblur

Restore your blurred out-of-focus images with SmartDeblur

Have a lot of old blurred or out-of-focus images? Now is time to fix them up. With the SmartDeblur you can easily fix your images that are blurred due any of the following reasons like – Out of Focus, Motion, Gaussian, etc. Written […]


BestSync: Free file synchronization software for Windows 7 | 8

BestSync is a free File and FTP syncing software that lets you sync your files between two different online oroffline folders. It helps you in maintaining and updating two different folders simultaneously. It can be used for Website FTP synchronization, camera photographs […]

Auslogics - File Recovery

Auslogics BoostSpeed 5 Review & Download

There are plenty of optimization applications that promise to revitalize your system and speed up a computer performance but, rarely do these programs use trusted and tested system optimization techniques and technologies to take care of our PCs performance. Moreover, some […]


Download Windows RT & Windows 8 Product Guide from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a Windows 8 & Windows RT Product Guide and it is now available for download from the Microsoft Download Center. The product guide describes the many new and improved features in Windows 8 and Windows RT. The […]


Download Windows 8 For Dummies – Free eBook from Dell

So you say Windows 8 has got you flustered! Really? Apart from the start screen, what is really so different in it as compared to Windows 7? Sure I agree the start screen does fly in your face when you don’t […]


Acronis True Image 2013 Review

Acronis has recently released the 2013 version of True Image. True Image 2013 by Acronis is an integrated software that completely keeps your Windows PC protected by offering a very powerful data backup and restore technology. Not just backup and restore, Acronis True […]


AbAlarm: A free alarm clock for Windows 7 | 8

AbAlarm is a free and an easy to use alarm clock software for Windows. It lets you create reminders, scheduled tasks, countdowns and different actions. AbAlarm 2013 help you become a punctual person by reminding of things you need to do at […]


Uniblue Powersuite Pro 2013 Review

Uniblue PowerSuite Pro 2013 is an all-in-one comprehensive set of maintenance & optimization suite for Windows that will help you in cleaning up, optimizing and repairing your Windows PC. It includes several tools like Speed Tools, System Optimization Tools and Disk […]


Bitdefender Internet Security 2013 Review

When it comes to thinking of the complete security of our Windows PC, Bitdefender is the first option that comes to my mind. With the all new Bitdefender Internet Security 2013, you can provide your PC dependable protection and security. The […]


Get Windows 8 Media Center Pack for free

The Windows website has been revamped to reflect the Windows 8 launch. On the website you will now find many interesting bits of information that you may want to know about. You will find information on the new features in […]


Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 Review

Among the several Internet Security Suites available for the Windows operating system, is Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS). The latest version Kaspersky Internet Security 2013 is pretty impressive in terms of its effectiveness and easy-of-operation. In terms of features, Kaspersky Internet […]


How to set up and use SIP Server on Windows

In this post will tell you about SIP, how to go about hosting a SIP Server, creating your own SIP internet network and more on a Windows PC. SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. It is a protocol used for high ended multimedia […]


MemInfo – A Real-time Memory & Page file Usage Monitor

I’m one of those people who like to know what is going on in the background on my Windows computer. I used to manage them with the Task Manager, Widgets and freeware to find out which  program is running, what is my […]

USB Drive

Sticky Password Pro Review & Download

Now taking care of, storing and securing your important accounts, passwords, notes and identities will be a lot easier with Sticky Password Pro. You might have already read about Sticky Password Free but this post will talk about the PRO features of […]


ManicTime: A free time tracking and management software

ManicTime is a free time-tracking and time management utility for Windows that lets you easily manage your time and progress on different applications. It is the best tool for those who work part-time from their home or those who just […]


MusicBee – A Powerful Music Manager & Player

Now a days a good Music Manager application is a must-have for computers. There are a lot of applications out there that offer many features. Today I stumbled upon this nifty little application called MusicBee It’s an all in one Music […]

Passwrord Bank

Cookeyah: A unique voice biometric free password manager for Windows

Now your passwords can be secured and encrypted with your voice with the help of Cookeyah. Cookeyah is a unique voice biometric password manager application that uses three-layered encryption and voice authentication to secure your useful and important passwords. To […]


Halloween Gift: Download Plants vs. Zombies free for Windows PC

This Halloween, PopCap games in association with American Dental Association (ADA) is giving away free downloads of ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ game for Windows PC as well as Mac. Plants vs. Zombies is a popularly played game, which has more than over […]


A beautiful Waterfalls theme for your Windows 7

Here is a nice theme for your Windows 7 computer that you will definitely want to download. This theme released by Microsoft contains 10 beautiful images of waterfalls. Gurgling canyon creeks, rushing mountain streams, and cascading, terraced rivers: Waterfalls in […]


Add Sidebar and Desktop Gadgets in Windows 8

There are some who like Desktop gadgets, and then there are some who do not. A few months back, Microsoft took off all the Gadgets which were being hosted by it, in its Windows Personalization Gallery, as they could allow […]


Toolwiz Pretty Photo: A Free & Powerful Image Editor For Windows

Toolwiz Pretty Photo is a free feature rich image editor for Windows OS. It comes with many intuitive features that are very easy to use. The program has many basic and advanced functions that allows a user to completely edit, improve and enhance […]


Get Full Control Over your Windows PC with ZenKEY

Many Windows programs help us in minimizing our time and efforts to get the work done quickly. ZenKEY is one of them. This program lets you control most aspects of your computer via a keyboard and a mouse, no matter […]


TuneUp Utilities 2013 Review, Download, Giveaway

One of the well-known optimizer, tweaker, cleaner, customizer and tune up utility for the Windows operating system is TuneUp Utilities. For long have Windows users counted on this software to keep their PC running smoothly. TuneUp Utilities 2013 provides Windows […]


Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC 2013 – Review & Download

SpeedUpMyPC contains a range of professional tools that promise to boost your Windows computer’s performance and make it run faster. It recommends changes to Windows to make it run smoothly and optimally, by installing Speed Tools, making operating system tweaks, […]


CoolTweak: Edit Images using the Context Menu in Windows

CoolTweak is a free and a handy image editor that lets you do it all from the context menu itself. The idea behind this utility is just to make the image editing process for non-geek computer user easier. It makes the […]

Bubble Birds

5 Free Fun Windows Store Game Apps for Windows 8

The Windows Store is beginning to offer some great games. I have been browsing these days to check out what is available in the Windows Store. I came across some pretty nice games, most of which you may already be […]

Splashtop 2 hd

Experience Windows 8 on an Android Tablet or an iPad

Windows 8 has yet to be released and so are Windows 8 tablets. But the excitement of experiencing Windows 8 on a tablet (touch interface) is a dream of every tech enthusiast. To make this dream come true, we are […]


Unitrends Enterprise Backup Free Edition: Supports Microsoft Hyper-V

Unitrends Enterprise Backup is a newly released software that is offering a software-only solution available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. Unitrends Enterprise Backup protects virtual and physical environments both locally and in the cloud.  UEB […]


Giveaway: iCare Data Recovery Standard Free Download

iCare Data Recovery makes useful software for Windows, that can help users bring back data from  deleted or unreadable digital cameras, drives, formatted partitions, SD card, Flash card, Removable disks, Memory cards, Hard disks, external hard disk – and in […]

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