The Fastest Way of Getting an NBI Clearance

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) Clearance is one of the most important documents a person should have. When a person gets employed, he will be required to get this clearance in order for him to become an official employee of the company.

To get this clearance, a person should endure the long lines at the NBI Main Office in Taft Avenue, Manila or in satellite offices found in malls.

Based from my experience, the easiest way you can get this clearance is by doing it online. Doing it online still requires you to be physically present at the NBI Main Office on a scheduled date and time, but you can now proceed to a special lane dedicated to online applicants. Here is how it works:
1.  Pay the clearance through Globe GCash or through Globe Payment Centers

The only modes of payment that the NBI Clearance Center accepts are Globe GCash and through Globe Payment Centers (Transactions will be done through GCash as well). Payments in excess or shortage will not be processed and will be forfeited, that is why you need to know the clearance fee for your purpose before paying.

Just text (Amount)(MPIN) and send to 28829175638053.

Ex. For a Local Employment clearance which costs 115 pesos, you need to text:

115 abcd

To learn more about GCash check my other post here.

2. Complete the E-mail Registration and Validation of Payment

You should provide a valid e-mail address. You also need to provide the reference number, which you received when the payment was made, and the mobile number you used to make the payment.

The registration page and the amount for the different purposes of the clearance can be found here.

3. Fill-out the Online Application Form

You need to fill-out an online application form which includes personal details. After the application, a QR code will be provided. You need to print it out and bring to the NBI Main Office to proceed to the biometrics stage.

(To those who are not familiar with QR codes, it is like the conventional barcode but can contain much more information and is square-shaped.)

4. Book for an Appointment

It is important for you to book for an appointment so that you will have a schedule of when to go to the NBI Main Office for your biometrics.

Just text BOOK(ReferenceNo.)NCR(MMDDYY)(HHMM)(Name) and send to 09175638054.

Ex. BOOK ABCD123 NCR 042812 1030 Juan dela Cruz

5. Go to the NBI Main Office for Biometrics

Their office is located at U.N. Avenue, infront of Manila Doctor’s Hospital.

Proceed to the E-Clearance Lane.

Present the printed QR code and 1 valid government-issued ID such as Voter’s ID, Postal ID, SSS, Passport, GSIS, Driver’s License, Original NSO Birth Certificate, and PRC.

Your biometric information will now be captured (picture-taking, fingerprinting, and signature).

Finally, you will be given a provisionary receipt that indicates the date when you can claim your clearance.


If you have a [HIT], which means that there is something that needs to be verified, you have to return to the NBI Main Office to get the copy of your NBI Clearance. If you don’t have a [HIT], you will get the clearance immediately.

For questions:

The NBI Biometrics Clearance System entertains questions. In case you have queries about the system, payment, or fees:
Just text HELP and send to 09175638053.
Questions can be in Free-Form English or Tagalog.
You can also view the Online Clearance FAQ here.

 My Analysis:


Online application saves time and effort because it will only take 30 minutes to 1 hour, unlike if you walk-in and process your application there which takes about almost 1 whole day.


Payment is only limited to GCash, which means you need to have a Globe/TM SIM with GCash credits, ask someone who is a Globe/TM subscriber to make the payment, or go to a Globe Payment Center.

You need to print out the QR code.

Other Tip:


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