How I Got My NBI Clearance From Las Pinas Satellite Office

One of the requirements for the application of PRC ID for Accreditation as Real Estate Salesperson is NBI Clearance. From the stories I’ve heard from friends on how hard it is to get an NBI Clearance nowadays made me a little hesitant. But I need to have my PRC ID for my credentials. That left me no choice but to schedule one whole day just to get an NBI Clearance.

The first question I asked myself was where to get one. I searched online to see if there’s a more convenient way to get a clearance. On NBI’s website, there’s a step-by-step guide on how to get an e-Clearance. I tried first this method by paying thru GCash the amount of P115.00 for local purposes and completed the application form online. After getting the QR code as proof of application, it was time to book an appointment for my application. You just have to follow a text format and send to a certain number. This booking will be used so that when you go to the NBI Main Clearance Center, Taft Ermita Manila , you just have to go directly to their e-Clearance lane. Unfortunately, when I was doing the booking, I got no reply or confirmation message. The cellphone number written on their website was different from the cellphone number written on the QR code print-out. I booked using those 2 numbers but still no confirmation. I emailed NBI about this but got no reply. So goodbye to my P115.00 😦

Because of the unsuccessful online experience, I decided to apply personally. I was informed that since NBI has a new system, there’s no more renewal. All applications will be treated as new applications. I was deciding whether I will go the the Main Office or satellite offices in Las Pinas or Tagaytay (since I’m from Cavite and I read a blog that it’s better to spend hours there because of the cool breeze). I decided to go to the Las Pinas satellite office.

Las Pinas City Hall

The NBI Satellite Office is located in a building at the back of Las Pinas City Hall. We arrived around 6:30 a.m. because some said that others fall in line during the wee hours of the morning just to get a number. You can park right in front of the city hall or go at the back and park near the NBI Satellite office. There was already a long line. I estimated that we are already 70-80 people in line.

We had Taho as mini breakfast thinking that the whole process will only take around an hour or two. We could still have a hearty breakfast somewhere by then. Then we heard someone say that there was a separate line for women. Yipee! I went straight to that line while Mark went to the City Hall to fall in line to get a Cedula because some said it is one of the requirements. I don’t want to get out of my line just to get a Cedula so Mark tried to get one for me. Unfortunately, you must be personally present in getting one.

The following are the requirements needed to secure an NBI Clearance in Las Pinas:

1. Two (2) Valid IDs (preferably with picture for identification but some brought their birth certificate). No 2 valid IDs, no application form.
2. Cedula – But that time, they didn’t require us to submit. Lucky me! Some said that in other satellite offices, this is not required. It would be better if you’ll have one ready on hand. Giving out of cedula starts at 8:00 a.m. in the City Hall. That’s the same time the processing of NBI Clearance starts.
3. Php115.00 (for local employment or other local use). For other purposes like travel or employment overseas, fees are Php165.00 or Php 415.00. Sorry but I wasn’t able to know for which specific purpose for those amounts.

I also brought a copy of our Marriage Certificate just in case they ask for it since my first NBI clearance was just my maiden name.

At 7:45 a.m., they started giving out NBI Clearance Application Forms. Mark already headed off to office.
NBI Clearance Application Form
And guess what my number is?
#31 in line
Yes, I was the 31st female in the line. I wonder what time #1 arrived. Anyway, that’s another reason why it is an advantage to be a female 🙂

The 3 steps during the NBI Clearance processing were:

Step 1. Payment – Better bring exact change. You will be given an official receipt.
Step 2. Encoding – You will be handing them your application form and official receipt as proof of payment. There’s an LCD monitor in front of you for you to check if your information is correctly encoded. So make sure to double check to prevent future problems.
Step 3. Biometrics and Photo – Your biometrics will be taken (that’s getting all your fingerprints from all your fingers) and capture your photo.
After those 3 steps, you will then be asked to go outside to wait for the release of clearance. I finished the 3 steps around 9:45 a.m. While waiting for the release of my NBI Clearance, I sat down on a concrete barrier so that I won’t be standing so long. I expected to get my clearance after 15-30 minutes but my assumption was wrong. Three batches were already released and it was already 10:30 a.m. Still my name has not yet been called. I was so hungry but I don’t want to look for food and miss my name. I belong to the 6th batch of release of clearances. I checked my watch and it was already 11:30 a.m. Wow! That was a total of 5 hours just to get an NBI Clearance. Good thing I arrived early or else I could have been there until the afternoon. It was so hot that day!
Here’s my NBI Clearance. As usual, photo shot from this ID (and driver’s license too) are not that good haha!
NBI Clearance
Here are some things to remember when applying for a NBI Clearance in Las Pinas Satellite Office:
1. Better to come very early so you can fall in line and sit on a chair under a roof and not under the sun.
2. Bring a companion who will also get an NBI Clearance so you have someone to talk to. But if you don’t know anyone who’ll apply also, bring something for entertainment.
3. Bring a pen so you don’t have to borrow. But you can also buy from a vendor who’s going around and selling CDR-King pens 🙂
4. Eat breakfast and bring a snack like biscuits or crackers.
5. Bring water or if you don’t want to carry heavy stuff, there’s a sari-sari store near the NBI office windows.
6. Wear comfy clothes and shoes/sandals. I’m not sure if slippers are allowed.
7. If you will be arriving past 9 or 10am, better bring an umbrella with you.
8. Bring an envelope or folder to safe keep your NBI clearance but if not, the releasing officer is selling small brown envelopes fit for the clearance for Php5.00.
9. Allot a whole day for this. You might not know what time you’ll finish.
10. If you have a common name and has a hit (this means someone with the same name has a criminal case), be ready and you might not get your NBI Clearance right away. You will then be asked to go to the main office in Manila for an interview.
11. If you have already applied and your clearance will be coming from Manila because of item#10, arrive after lunch to wait for the release of the clearance because I heard the releasing officer that their liason officer arrives at 2pm.
12. Be patient no matter what 🙂
Here’s another tip for moms who will just give birth and are now thinking of names for their child:
Make your child’s name as unique as possible, especially those with too common surnames, so they won’t have a harder time securing IDs like this.
Goodluck to all those who will still be applying for an NBI Clearance!

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