How to View and Check SSS Contributions Online

All SSS members and pensioners can now view their SSS contributions online without hassles. It’s free and you can check your monthly premiums and loan balances anytime you want. You can also check your SSS Static Info and Employment History or download and print them out if you want to. Checking SSS contributions can help every SSS member be updated of their total contributions from the past until the present.

View and Check SSS Contributions Online Instructions

Follow these instructions and you can view your SSS account easily. You can check your contributions anytime without going to the SSS office anymore and you can also check them even without office hours as long as you have internet connection. Follow the instructions below:

1. Go to SSS Website

sign up sss member account2. Sign up for a MEMBER account – it is important you select Member not Employer because you are registering as a member. You’ll need your SSS Number for this together with your latest SSS receipt payment, your personal info (name, birthdate, address, etc.) Take note that registering covers Phase 1 and Phase 2. SSS will email you your log in username and password before you can sign in on your account. Complete all required fields as shown below.

Phase 1 of SSS Online Registration:

view sss contributions onlineBe careful and double check your details before clicking the Submit button. SSS will email you after you clicked the Submit button. Check your inbox. It contains the link for the Phase 2.

Phase 2 of SSS Online Registration:

sss online inquiry

view sss monthly premiumAgain double check everything you have typed before proceeding. Don’t forget to tick the “I accept the Terms and Conditions” message at the bottom.

SSS will email you. You’ll receive something like this: That means you have successfully registered your account and you can now log in. Congrats!

sss online contributionsCheck your email inbox to see SSS email containing your username and password. Use these username and password to log in your SSS online account. Again don’t forget to login as a Member not as an Employer. Cheers!

check sss contributions online3. Log in your SSS account – use the username and password sent by SSS to your email address. Please keep your username and password so that you can access your account anytime or in the future. Once you are logged in, you’ll see the Welcome Message like that above. Select Online Inquiry and you’ll be taken to your SSS Employee Static Info.

Check SSS Contributions and Monthly Premiums

Just select Actual Premiums if you want to check your monthly contributions. See the example below.

view sss monthly contributions

Important tips:

  • SSS password usually expires after 90 days. You need to change them every 90 days.
  • Always keep a copy of your email address and login credentials together with your SSS username and password so you won’t forget them. Your email username and password are different from your SSS username and password.
  • I recommend using Anti-virus software such as Norton 360 whenever you use the internet to protect your identity. Your SSS account is so important and you don’t wanna risk it.
  • If you check your SSS account at the internet café or any public computer, make sure you log out after you used it.

Disclaimer: I’m not affiliated with SSS. I’m also a member like you. Share your comments about using this program. We can always help each other when we encounter same issues.


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