Optical Illusions

Welcome to the world of optical illusions, an archive of illusions that play tricks with your brain. Many of the images you will find here demonstrate visual phenomena, and optical or visual illusions. You will learn about the complexities of the human eye first hand. Visit the optical illusions below and give your eyes and brain the time of their lives!

Oleg Shuplyak

This amazing painting of an old fashioned homestead is much more than it appears to be. Artist Oleg Shuplyak creates painting like this which depict two beautiful scenes in one painting. It’s surreal and beautiful at the same time. This painting is absolutely gorgeous!


  • Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe Illusion

    Albert Einstein Marilyn Monroe Illusion

    When you look at this picture close range you see Albert Einstein. Now stand up and take several steps back, roughly 15 feet away, It will become Marilyn Monroe.




  • The Spinning Dancer

    The Spinning Dancer

    The Spinning Dancer appears to move both clockwise and counter-clockwise. Stare at her long enough and you will be able to see her rotate both ways.



  • Elevator Floor or Long Drop?

    Elevator Floor or Long Drop?

    A very neat optical illusion elevator floor. So clever you would think twice before stepping into this elevator.


  • The Color Quiz

    The Color Quiz

    Look at the chart and say the color, not the word. Your right brain tried to say the color, but your left brain was reading the word.



  • Graffiti Stairs Illusion

    Graffiti Stairs Illusion

    In this subway, this guy spray painted the wall to appear as an illusion of the stairs coming out of the wall.




  • Rotating Dot Whirlpool

    Rotating Dot Whirlpool

    Try staring at this for more than 5 seconds without going crazy. Then try following it around! Curves constantly die out and then re-evolve as part of another curve.



  • Moving Spiral Illusion

    Moving Spiral Illusion

    Stare at the center for 10 seconds and begin moving your eyes around the outer perimeter… Does it appear to be moving, shimmering, or just making you dizzy?


  • Black Dot Optical Illusion

    Black Dot Optical Illusion

    Stare at the dark dot in the center for 10 seconds… Now move your head forward and backward. As your head moves closer to your monitor and then back away from your monitor, the circles will appear to be spinning.





  • Five Hidden Wolves

    Five Hidden Wolves

    Take a very close look at this image! Look closely to find 5 wolves hidden in the picture.


  • Face Vase

    Face Vase

    In this illusion the figure and the ground are reversible in all ways.


  • How Can This Be True?

    How Can This Be True?

    How Can This Be True? If the partitions are the same, shouldn’t every space be filled?


  • Stare at this Image

    Stare at this Image

    Stare at this image as long as you can. It will eventually drive you crazy…


  • Crazy Line Trick

    Crazy Line Trick

    Are These Lines Straight Or Crooked? Look Closely! Every Line Is Straight!


  • How many faces?

    How many faces?

    Take a very close look at this image! How many faces can you find in this picture?



  • Sphere Size Illusion

    Sphere Size Illusion

    A visual illusion of two spheres. Does one appear to be larger than the other? Both of the spheres are the same size.


  • Crawling Bug Spiral Illusion

    Crawling Bug Spiral Illusion

    Please wait a moment until the spiral has finished loading. When it’s spinning smoothly, stare at the center of the spiral for about a minute.


  • Skull illusion

    Skull illusion

    Take a very close look at this image! Do you see a couple or a skull?





  • Wavy Lines Illusion

    Wavy Lines Illusion

    Are these lines straight and parallel? Use a straight edge to test what you see.


  • Schematics Confusion

    Schematics Confusion

    Try to determine the orientation of the items! Perception is off a little… Look Closely! This one will leave your mind confused…



  • What do you see?

    What do you see?

    Take a close look at this image. What do you see? Do you see a Beautiful Woman? Or a Cool Jazz Horn Blower?


  • You Were on my Mind

    You Were on my Mind

    Take a very close look at this image! What do you see? Sex is on a man’s mind.



  • Ponzo Illusion

    Ponzo Illusion

    In the Ponzo illusion the converging parallel lines tell the brain that the image higher in the visual field is further away therefore the brain perceives the image to be larger, although the two images hitting the retina are the same size.