Overseas Employment Certificate or OEC: What is it for?

We often here about it from OFWs.  Usually when we ask about OEC, the people we ask tend to say that it’s Overseas Employment Certificate. But what is OEC, actually? What are the uses of the OEC? What are the benefits of having an OEC?

OEC or Overseas Employment Certificate is a document usually asked from Filipinos who are scheduled to depart the country for an overseas job.
Whether a Filipino is hired through a recruitment agency, a name-hire or hired through a job posting from the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration or POEA, he needs to secure an OEC.
The usual question is: “Para saan nga ba kasi ito? Kailangan ko ba talaga ito?”
Let’s dissect the uses of an OEC:
An OEC serves as an exit permit. Remember, the OEC is presented prior to an OFW’s departure from the Philippines, thus, without the OEC, an OFW will not be allowed by the airport or immigration officer to exit the country.
An OEC serves as a proof of payment. With the OEC, an OFw has a proof that he has paid his contributions for PHILHEALTH and PAGIBIG, his membership to OWWA and the POEA processing fee.
An OEC exempts an OFW from travel tax charges.  A valid OEC exempts an OFW from paying Php 1,620.00 worth of travel tax.
An OEC exempts an OFW from airport terminal fees. Payment of terminal fees in airport upon arrival of an OFW is waived when a valid OEC is presented.
Listing these main uses of an overseas employment certificate or OEC, do you find it useful or not?

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