Other Services for Jobseekers During Job Fairs


Considering the number of job fairs that are happening all over the country, the Philippine government and some private companies seems to be serious in solving the unemployment problem in the country

Job fair has become a regular thing so job hunting is relatively easier and faster.  It is a given that one attends a job fair to submit job applications and with hope that they may be granted an interview and a job offer.

But even for those who are not fortunate to land a job can still benefit from other services that they can avail during a job fair. Listed below are some of them:

Other services that a jobseeker can avail by attending a career event:

  • Request for TIN, SSS, Philhealth, etc. Most job fair organizers invite government agencies such as NSO, BIR, GSIS, SSS and Philhealth to process important documents such as NSO birth certificates, Philhealth, SSS, TIN, etc.
  • Get an NBI Clearance. Obtain this important document faster as some event organizers invite the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) to give out NBI clearance certificates to new applicants during job fairs.
  • Inquire about Sevices of Government Agencies. Government agencies such as the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) etc. are usually present during job fairs to monitor the companies and agencies as well as give guidance to jobseekers. A job fair is a good time to ask questions about their services or voice out any inquiries regarding their agency.
  • Listen to Free Seminars and Lectures. Career events does not only feature the latest job openings of agencies and companies, they would usually also have a line-up of speakers that give helpful lectures to attendees such as how to create an effective resume, how to be presentable for a job interview etc.
  • Take advantage of offers and freebies.  Some participating companies give freebies to applicants who register on their booths or submit resumes. There are also job fair events that offer prizes to lucky attendees.

Job Fair Tip: To know the services that are available during a job fair before the actual event, one can check the flyers or event website. They can also directly inquire with the organizer.



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