This Face Map Reveals What Part Of Your Body Is Sick And How To Fight It


Healers in China manage to detect all types of diseases by simply reading people’s face. It is because facial skin is very sensitive and can reflect the internal changes faster compared to the other parts of the body.

According to Chinese healers, every area of our face is associated with certain organs of the organism.

Whenever we experience some problems in these organs, it is manifested on our face. Rashes, pimples, and skin color changes are among the most common symptoms.

* Eyebrow Arch: Kidneys

Cause: Poor circulation, alcohol, weakened heart, and smoking cigarettes.
– Treatment: Avoid the consumption of alcohol and sweetened drinks, and make sure to drink a lot of water.

* Area between the Eyebrows: Liver

– Cause: Your stomach does not get the rest it required, which leads to chronic tiredness. The
excessive consumption of meat makes the stomach work too much.
 – Treatment: Eat healthy foods. Also, you can try to do yoga, meditation, fast walking or any other

* Forehead: Small intestine and Bladder

 – Cause: Too much consumption of canned foods and fats result in slow digestion.
– Treatment: Try to avoid the consumption of alcohol and try to improve your night sleep. Also,
make sure to drink plenty of water and consume raw food.

* Nose: Heart

– Cause: Poor circulation, bloated stomach, gasses, closed space, and polluted air. Hypertension can
also be the cause
– Treatment: Check your cholesterol level and regulate your blood pressure. You need to drink
organic green tea so you can eliminate the toxins from the body.

* Mouth and Chin: Stomach

 – Cause: Stimulants like caffeine and alcohol, sugar and food loaded with fat. When spiced food is
being used, this area has been most impacted.
– Treatment: You should eat a lot of fruits and foods that will balanced your organism.

* Upper Part of the Cheeks: Lungs

– Cause: Smoking, asthma, pollution, smoking
– Treatment: Avoid smoking and polluted air, and start exercising regularly.

* Cheeks: Kidneys and Lungs

– Cause: Excessive consumption of sugar, unhealthy food, stress, and smoking.
 – Treatment: Remove the unhealthy food from your diet and make sure to buy cosmetic products
with high quality.

* Jaw and Neck: Linked to Hormones

– Cause: Dehydration, too much salty food, too much caffeine, or spices.
– Treatment: You should drink lots of water and avoid or reduce the consumption of caffeinated
drinks, spices, and salty food.