These Are The Most Powerful Methods For Cleaning Your Lungs

The cleansing of the lungs makes it possible to clean this vital organ from the cigarette tar, toxins etc; to lower the cancer risk, to increase the capacity and to increase the overall health of the respiratory system. Cleansing of the lungs is recommended for both the active and passive smokers, and the people who live in areas with polluted air. There are four basic methods for lungs cleansing:

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1. Breathing exercises:

The breathing exercises are one of the best methods for the cleansing of the lungs. We don’t mean the ordinary “deep breathing”, but of special type of exercises that are capable of detoxification of the lungs themselves.

2. Inhalation with ethereal oils 

Regularly (2-3 times a week) you can inhale ethereal oils: eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary etc. That will help you cleanse the lungs faster and remove the extra phlegm. Simply, heat water in a saucepan, and add several drops of ethereal oil inside. Inhale the hot vapor that will make you feel immediately relaxed, and ease the problems with respiration.

3.Diet corrections

Just as every other cleansing of the organism, the cleansing of the lungs requires some changes in the diet. The healthy diet is a key factor because it triggers the natural mechanisms that cleanse the body and strengthen the immunity. During the cleansing period, increased hydration is recommended. Some types of food are essential for the health of the lungs.

Chili: the hot food, as chili, helps degrade the extra phlegm in the lungs. When you eat hot food, the phlegm degrades, that makes it easier to be coughed out.

Water: Yes, water. The still water is the best “cleaner” of the organism. Try to consummate less fizzy drinks, coffee or alcohol. Give priority to the still water! Good hydration is crucial for preserving good health, mostly because it speeds up the natural detoxification process.

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Onion: This universal plant is rich with many important nutrients. It prevents many diseases from happening, including lung cancer and infections, helps in phlegm degradation, and removes the toxins from the organism.

Ginger: The ginger is a powerful weapon in the detoxification of the lungs. You can use it in many different ways. The ginger tea with lemon eases breathing and speeds up the toxin elimination from the windpipe. You can also make a hot bath with spiced ginger that will last around 20 minutes. That will encourage sweating, the pores will open, which will ease toxin elimination process and the vapor you inhale will ease respiration. What you have to avoid during lung cleansing period? Avoid processed food, especially white flour and sugar, milk and dairies that encourage the creation of phlegm in the organism. Get rid of stress, cigarettes and avoid spending time in smoke-filled rooms.


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