How to clean your kidney – Drink Parsley Juice

Today, I am as usual back on my self me. I am back trying to see what else I could learn out of my friends and see if I could benefit and use something they post for health issues and wellness and as usual, a friend, Lori posted something interesting for which I would like to personally quote here on this blog, Healing Galing. I hope you guys enjoy and learn a lot and be healthy.

how to clean your kidney with parseley juice

As for me and my family? Well, the three of us just had our best hearty meal breakfast after a couple of days of eating the less healthy food options for Christmas. Today, you won’t imagine what we just put in our system. We had raw squash grated or shredded like cheddar cheese ready to be put on a spaghetti meal but no, we don’t have that. Instead, my sweetie, Ana cooked some old food on the fridge, a piece of daing, a small slice of ham and 2 boiled organic eggs. My daughter TJ loves that. She was able to consume up 1 of them and had the last one probably saved for our lunch today. In short, we all ate raw squash and had tomato and cucumber salad too. Both veggies were deseeded (seeds removed).

With my serving, you will not believe it. I added a small-finger-sized fresh turmeric (yellow ginger) to see what effects I can get out of it. I also added the same amount of serving to my squash of ginger and a clove of garlic plus I also added a teaspoon full of organic honey. You won’t believe what it takes because it simply is like “atchara”.

Anyway, the effects were so very relaxing in my system. I can feel my metabolism immediately boosted up. I started to perspire and I never felt so good before. Add up to that we all drank a glass of luke warm water on a shaken bottle just like what Dr. Edinell Calvario always tells us.

Now back to the parsley juice. I had a quote taken from my friend (as I’ve mentioned above) and it says this for cleaning up your kidneys and ridding it from all the toxic waste that it has collected all your life… Please read the quoted message below.

Parsley is known as best cleaning treatment for Kidneys … and it is natural

Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted entering our body. With time, the salt accumulates and this needs to undergo cleaning treatments and how are we going to overcome this?

It is very easy, first take a bunch of parsley (or Cilantro / Coriander Leaves) and wash it clean. Then cut it in small pieces .. put it in a blender with clean water or coconut water blend it and drink.

Drink one glass daily and you will notice all salt and other accumulated poison coming out of your kidney by urination also you will be able to notice the difference which you never felt before.
source : Raw Epicurean

Just a tip for those who want to have this drink a bit more delicious and easy to take, you can add a dose of organic honey on it. What’s best for this tip is that you also get to have one of the healthiest organic health drink for your kidney and body and get to clean it up while getting healthier. Ain’t it good to know this?


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