Heal Tooth Cavities Yourself and Relieve Pain Quickly at Home

The most common reason for tooth pain is the tooth cavity. Besides toothache, tooth cavity is also symptomized by difficulty while swelling or chewing food.

Tooth cavity is a result of improper brushing, improper oral hygiene, excess consumption of starch and sugars, and so on. Therefore, in order to avoid this condition, you need to brush your teeth thoroughly at least twice a day, and to keep good oral hygiene.

In this article, we present to you some of the most effective homemade remedies for cavities:


  1. Clove

Combine ¼ a tsp of black pepper powder and 2 tsp of clove oil. Brush your teeth with the solution, or just apply it with a cotton pad. This will surely lower the toothache caused by the cavity.

  1. Lemon

Combine 4 tsp of lemon and ½ a tsp of asafetida powder. Rub the mixture on your teeth using a cotton pad. Do the treatment every day. In addition, in order to lower the pain, you can cut a slice of lemon and chew it or brush your teeth with it.

  1. Onion

Cut a slice of onion and place it on the painful tooth in order to reduce the pain. Furthermore, every day consumption of onions can lower the difficulties with tooth cavities.

  1. Cheese

Pain caused by tooth cavities can also be reduced and treated with the help of cheese. You can eat it on combination with other foods by your choice.

  1. Warm water

You can relieve tooth pain with the help of warm water. Namely, use warm water while brushing your teeth, and also rinse your mouth or gargle with a solution of water and salt.

  1. Garlic

Make a mixture of 3-4 garlic cloves and ¼ tsp of rock salt. Apply the resulting paste on the affected teeth 2-3 times a day in order to reduce the pain and also to remove the cavities. In addition, for better results, you can brush your teeth with garlic oil or consume garlic every day.

  1. Drink wheatgrass juice

The pain caused by tooth cavities can also be reduced by regular consumption of wheatgrass juice. In addition, this juice is able to protect your teeth from tooth decay and treat it as well. For the best results, you can also chew wheatgrass.

  1. Mustard Oil

Brush your teeth 2-3 times a day with a mixture of some mustard oil and lemon juice. It will help you reduce the pain. For the best results, you can also brush your teeth with the solution for 10-15 minutes before you do so with your regular toothpaste.

  1. Mint leaves

Put 6-8 mint leaves in about 400 ml of boiling water. Rinse your mouth with the mixture in order to remove cavities issues. You can also drink tea from mint leaves for the same purpose.

Source: myilifestyle.com