How to use Zello on iPhone

iPhone App Quick Start Guide

Zello Support – posted this on April 26, 2013 15:18

Updated August 2, 2013

Installing Zello

To install Zello, go to the App Store on your iPhone and search for Zello. Select Zello Walkie Talkie and tap “Free” and “Install App.”After installing, the Zello “Z” icon appears on your screen. Tap the icon to launch Zello.

You’re on your way enjoying live conversations!

You can use Zello to communicate with other users who also have Zello installed on their iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Windows PC.

Signing into an existing account

If you’ve created a Zello account on another platform, tap “I already have Zello account” and follow the prompts to sign in.


If you forgot password or username, do the following steps.

  1. Tap “Forgot password.”
  2. Enter email associated with your Zello account. You’ll receive an email with instructions and your Zello username(s).
  3. Go to your email app to look for the email from Zello.
  4. Click link from email to reset your password.
  5. Enter the new password twice.

And you’re set with your new password.

Creating an account

If this is your first time using Zello, follow these steps to create a Zello account.

  1. Tap “I don’t have Zello account.”
  2. Enter your desired username and password. Please note that a username cannot be changed afterwards.
  3. Enter your email. (We promise not to email you anything. This comes in handy if you ever need to recover your password.)
  4. Enter your phone number (optional). This gives your contacts a way to find you.
  5. Review the Privacy Policy. Satisfied? Tap “Done” and you’re in!


Zello gets right to work and searches for people who may have already invited you to Zello. Tap “Skip” if you want to move on.

Accessing the Menu screen

You can access many options from the Menu screen. The Menu icon has three parallel lines and appears in the left-hand corner of your screen.

Want to make changes to your user profile? On the Menu screen, tap Settings icon next to your username to open your profile page.


Tap the Camera icon to add a profile picture. Here you can also record an audio intro and share more information about you. When you’re done updating your profile, tap “Save.”


Zello allows you to switch to your @work account if you have one. Click here for more details.

Viewing trending channels

You can use Zello to talk to your friends privately or join one of many public Zello channels. You might start with trending channels, which are currently the most active channels.

Open Channels screen to see the trending channels list.

Tap Power icon to listen. If you want to save the channel, tap the channel’s name and then “Add” to save it to your channel list.
If you want to disable Trending channels list, tap “Edit” from the Channels screen. On the Trending channels page, check “Off.” If you want to see channels without explicit content, check “Filtered.”

Doing a sound test

Tap “Contacts” from the app menu to open the Contacts page. Here you can add contacts or tap “echo” to do a sound test.

Do this sound test to confirm others can hear you. Tap “echo” and then hold the big button. Say anything, sing a song, or tell a story. Let go of the big button to playback what you just recorded. If you can’t hear anything, verify your microphone is on and turned up to a comfortable volume.


Adding contacts

Now add a contact to fill up that Contact page. Tap “Contacts” from Menu and tap “Add a contact” button.


You have two ways to add a contact.

  1. Search. Search for current users by Zello username, email address or phone number.
  2. Address book. Tap the “Address Book” button.

Searching for contacts

Enter a Zello username, email or phone number in the search bar and tap the “Search” button. If the user is not found, you can send an invite by email or text message:

If the user has an account, tap the username and “Add.”Zello sendsaconnectionrequest.

Using the Address Book to add contacts

Tap “Address Book” to access your contacts. Zello shows two sections: “Contacts on Zello” and all contacts. People who appear under “Contacts on Zello” have Zello accounts.

Note: You may need to change the privacy setting to access your Address Book in Zello. If so, open your iPhone’s Settings. Tap “Privacy” and “Contacts.” Move the Zello slider to “ON.”

Tap the names of the people you want to add or invite to Zello, then tap “Done” in the upper right corner. For contacts who don’t have a recognized Zello account, an email message appears with all the information filled in for you. Edit the email if you like and then tap “Send” to send the email invitation.

For contacts who have accounts, Zello sends a connection request. As soon as they go online, they will see a notice with an option to accept, postpone choosing by tapping “Not now” or block to permanently decline the request. When choosing “Not now,” Zello will ask again after you log back in.
Here’s what it looks like to receive a request to connect. (In the next screenshot, you’d tap “Contacts” to see the request.)

After they agree to connect, they appear in your contact list with a status of Available or Busy. All connections require approval to limit spam. We hate spam, too.

Deleting a contact

To delete a contact, tap “Edit” from the Contacts screen, tap the Delete icon next to the contact and tap “Delete.” When finished, tap “Done.”


Contacting users

When your contacts appear online, you can contact them. Tap the username, then tap and hold the big button to talk. Release the button when you’re done talking.

If the person is Available, you should get a reply soon. When someone is Busy, Zello saves your message in history for later listening. If a contact shows Standby, it means the user doesn’t have the app running, but you still can send send offline messages to the user.

Receiving calls when in a private conversation

As long as you’re not in solo mode, you can receive calls when you’re talking to a contact.

Sending call alerts

You can send alert tones and text messages to a contact. Tap Alert icon from the contact’s screen and enter text, if you wish.


Beware, this also sends an audio tone that repeats every minute until the person responds or clears the alert.


Searching channels

You can talk to 1 to 300 people by joining an existing channel. Follow these steps to find and join a channel.


  1. Open Channels screen.
  2. Tap “Find or create a channel.”
  3. Enter a channel name or keyword into the search box.
  4. Tap “Search” on the bottom of the keyboard.
  5. See one that interests you? Tap the channel name for more information.
  6. Sound interesting? Tap “Add” to put it in your list of channels.

Talking in a channel

To talk in the channel, tap the channel name and push the big button when you want to talk. As long as no one else is talking, you can talk away.

Using solo mode

When you’re connected to channels, you’ll hear every conversation for all active channels. To listen and talk in one channel or with one contact without interruptions, do the following.

  1. Tap the name of the channel or contact in the list.
  2. Move the Solo slider to “ON” to activate Solo mode.

Now you will hear messages only from the selected channel or contact. The messages from other channels or contacts will be stored in Recents.

Creating channels

You can create your own channel to discuss an interest, activities or just about anything goes. Follow these steps to create your channel.

1. Tap “Channels” from the Menu.

2. Tap “Find or create a channel.”

3. Tap “Create channel.”

4. Enter a name for the channel.

5. Enter a description of the channel. If you want to make it easier for people to find your channel and stay on topic, ensure the description explains the topic of the channel and includes related keywords.



6. Tap “Type” to change the channel type. Your choices are: “Anyone can talk,” “Listen only” and “Zelect.” Only owner, moderators and approved users can talk in “Zelect.”

7. You can also mark your channel as “18+” (content not suitable for kids), “Show in trending” or both. (Read more about Trending channels.)

8. Do you want to add a password for accessing the channel? (This is optional.) If yes, move the slider to “ON” and enter a password. If no, ensure the slider is “OFF.”

9. Happy with your channel settings? Tap “Save” to start inviting contacts to your new channel.


If you have contacts, tap the contacts you want to invite to your channel. Before tapping “Invite,” you can switch to “Address Book” tab to invite more friends. When you’re done, tap “Invite” and everyone with a check mark will receive an invitation. (Read more about channel share.)


Want to make changes to your channel? Do these steps.

  1. Tap “Channels.”
  2. Tap your channel’s name.
  3. Tap Eye icon.
  4. Open channel profile screen.

Here you can add a channel profile picture, record an audio intro and edit channel details (channel’s type, location, website, categories and language).


Adding and removing channel moderators / Blocking and unblocking users

To assign or remove a channel moderator or block a user, tap “Users.” Find the username in the list and tap the Blue Arrow icon next the username.

Scroll down to the bottom of the user’s screen and tap “Block user” or “Make moderator/Remove moderator.”


If your channel’s type is Zelect, you need to approve users before can talk on the channel. Tap “Trust user” to approve.

To remove moderator and unblock user, tap the Moderators or Blocked icon from the channel profile screen.

IMG_0454 9.png

To see the conversation history, tap “History.” You can share and delete messages from the History screen.

To share a message, tap Share icon (in the lower left corner), select messages or use Toggle to select all messages, then tap “Share” button. Enter a title, description and select Facebook, Twitter, Email or Text/SMS. Read more about message share feature.


To delete history, tap Trash Can icon, select messages or use Toggle to select all and tap “Delete” button.


Talking to channel moderators

You can talk to your moderators or just one moderator. Tap the Down Arrow icon from the channel talk screen. Then select “Talk to all moderators” or “Talk to this moderator.”


Changing your status

When your status is Available, all incoming messages play in real time unless you’ve changed your options. When you change your status to Busy, Zello saves your messages in Recents. You can access them at a convenient time.

When you’re offline, Zello does not save new messages. It retains the messages you already have prior to going offline. Also, when you’re offline, other users see you in Standby mode and they can still send you offline messages. If you don’t use Zello for one week or longer, it’ll automatically change your status to Offline. While Offline, you won’t be able to receive offline messages.

To change status, tap “Status” from the app menu and tap your new status.

IMG_0462 10.png

Listening to new messages

If you have missed messages, you will see the number in Recents.


Here are the steps to listen to messages:

  1. Tap “Recents” in the app menu.
  2. Tap the name of a channel or contact.
  3. Tap Eye icon .
  4. Tap the message to play it.

The message plays and scrolls to the next person unless you tap the Pause icon.

Identifying when you received your last call

Select “Recents” from the Options menu and Zello lists the contacts that have called you and how long ago it was since they last contacted you. To replay a specific message, tap the specific message.

Managing settings

Tap Settings icon in the app menu to manage your Zello settings.

If you want to use Zello with a headset, make sure to turn on “Headset/remote control” in the app settings.


Zello + benefits

You can customize alert sounds on Zello+, the paid version of Zello. To access the audio alerts settings in Zello+, tap “Settings” in menu and scroll down to tap “Customize alerts.” Tap the blue arrow icon to customize the setting for the alert. Tap “Sounds@Zello” to choose alerts from Zello. Tap “Music Library” to choose sounds from your iPhone’s music library.



This quick start guide should kick-start your Zello experience. When you’re ready to dig deeper and discover more features, check out the forums. Thanks for using Zello!


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