Principles of a good selfie

selfieSelfie was hailed as Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2013. Whether you love or hate it, it is here to stay so might as well be skilled at it. Your selfie is likely to be another person’s impression of you. As a matter of fact, you might find this hard to believe, but the photos that you post on your profile and social media accounts say a lot about who you are and what you stand for. The crucial question to consider here is: what makes a selfie perfect? The good thing is you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out how; but there sure are antics that could help you capture your best attributes. Remember, just because taking a picture of yourself is easy does not mean you should not put any thought into it.

11. Take lighting into account— Consider lighting as your best friend when you are taking a selfie. It basically draws attention to your best features if you know how to use it well. Avoid backlighting and as much as possible, try to stand in front of your light source. Natural light is a great option, as well as window lighting because it filters the light.


22. Be aware of your background— When taking a selfie, you do not only capture your face or your body. There is a fat chance that your backdrop will be a pile of dirty clothes or your pet’s poop on the floor. So before you whip out your phone, take a good look at what else apart from your face you will be capturing. Stick with the basics and take that selfie in front of a good-looking, plain wall.


33.  Use filters occasionally— Do not undervalue the power of filters for they can spare you the trouble of wrong lighting. Moreover, you have to sometimes let go of your purist side and stop posting your selfies in all their crinkly and blotchy glory. For starters, Instagram and VSCO let you choose from a wide selection of remarkable filters which you can take advantage of.


44. Keep your clothes on— This actually goes without saying. But unfortunately, some people, unquestionably those under the influence of alcohol, take nude pictures of themselves. Bear in mind that you will be posting these things on social media, which comprises roughly the whole population nowadays. So why not take photos of yourself that you, as well as your family and friends, should be proud of? Do them a favor and just keep it clean.


55. Be familiar with your angles— How should you hold your cellphone when taking a selfie? Should it be above you? Below you? Or right in front of you? In fact, as studied by Farhod P. Karimov of the University of Brussels, there is a science to the angle of one’s selfie, and that it affects your impression of that particular person. For instance, when someone is observed from above, they are perceived as vulnerable and helpless. On the other hand, if seen from below, they tend to look more self-assured, more positive, and more attractive. More importantly, when looking at someone straight on, we see them as responsible, liberal, and compassionate.


66. Take selfies moderately— Selfies are intrinsically a tad narcissistic. Take a quick scan of your Instagram account. Does it show nothing else but your face? Irrefutably, it is still your right to post whatever you desire on your social media accounts, but it would not hurt to branch out and start snapping images of other people, maybe some cute puppies, or food. Keep in mind that it is not always about you being stunning and all fabulous. People might look into your personality and sense of fun.


77. Avoid the goofy face— Do not get me wrong, it is fine to play around with your facial gestures. However, you might come across as someone who is trying too hard to capture the attention of your social media friends. Refrain from leaning into your phone because your nostrils might look big, your chin would appear as if it was doubled, and your face might seem wider. Lastly, do not overly pout your lips. A simple smile could go a long way.



88. Smile— Showing true happiness is what makes the selfie heartfelt, tender, and real. Take photos when you are doing something that actually highlights your vibrant side and makes you feel good. Think about the things you are truly passionate about and the people you care for to bring out that genuine glee, and make sure that your smile reaches your eyes.