Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Camera

Check this cute little action camera out!

Polaroid, the company known for its instant film and cameras, has introduced their latest toy, the Cube – a water resistant, shockproof, and mountable “lifestyle action camera.”

polaroid cube_1

The Polaroid Cube stands at 35mm and sports a 6 megapixel camera with 124-degree wide angle lens, a built in battery that the company claims to record 1080 videos up to 90 minutes, and, as mentioned earlier, is water resistant up to 2M and shockproof.

polaroid cube_2

In addition, the Cube supports microSD cards up to 32GB and features a magnet bottom so you can mount it on virtually any surface made of metal.

polaroid cube_3

Polaroid didn’t mention anything about its price yet but it is set to launch together with its complete line of accessories and mounts sometime this month.- Source

Polaroid Cube 2

GoPro’s are awesome action cameras, but not everyone has enough cash to buy one to document their shenanigans. Enter Polaroid’s Cube, a new, unbearably cute action camera that costs only $99, or around Php 4439.

Polaroid Cube 1

The Cube is the company’s push to become relevant again. And it may just work – at a quarter of a price of a regular GoPro, the Cube may just be the company’s ticket to become a household name again. While it doesn’t look to be as rugged or as feature rich as GoPro’s offerings (offering little in the way of WiFi connectivity or a plethora of shooting modes, only capable of going up to 1080p), it doesn’t matter, as the company is shooting for a different demographic – think more leisurely bike rides as opposed to death defying jumps from dirt ramps.

Polaroid Cube 3

The bottom of the Cube has a magnet that allows it to attach to metal surfaces without a mount, though there will be mounts available for the Cube, which include a helmet, bike and suction mounts.


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