How to Get Full Movies from YouTube

I have downloaded many Good Movies from YouTube. Some of them were clear copies and HD (but some of them don’t).

To get a clearer and better HD Quality Video, I prefer some sites that you might check (websites listed below this article).

Here’s what you will do for getting or downloading most of the videos from the Internet. When I say most, that means ALL of them: Movies, Video clips not only from YouTube, but also from Facebook as well. 🙂

First of all, you should have IDM or Internet Download Manager. The latest, the better. If you don’t have the serial key, you can find it using the Torrents websites (just type IDM on search bar and find the latest version with crack).

Install the IDM and if you’re using Google Chrome browser, do the following to get the download bar on every videos you are viewing including those video clips from Facebook:

1. Click Customize and Control Google Chrome shown below.


2. Click on Extension Settings, you should see the IDM Integrated Module like shown on the image below.


3. Check the Enabled Box on the right side like shown above the image, you may slao put a check on box for “Allow Incognito” so you can also download using Incognito Mode.

As soon as you did this in your Google Chrome and every time you launch it, Chrome will automatically sense all kinds of video clips, movie clips as well as audio clips in all websites you’re browsing.

Click the Download This Video shown on image below.


Click Download button or look for any of the folders you wanted to save.


Here’s an example of Downloading a Movie from YouTube website, I found one nice action movie with an hour and a half to watch. I immoderately downloaded the video for just 45 seconds on a Matroska (MKV) video format. Image below is the downloading video in Progress.


Image below is the Movie I just downloaded for only 45 seconds!

IDM DL Movie from YouTube

Not all movies/videos can be quickly to get It depends on the speed connection and if its an MP4 or MKV format. Audio format are very easily to get and just a matter of 10 to 15 seconds for an MP3 format file.

See the videos I got from the sites and you tube, and most of them are on HD format. For those CAM format, I just look for them after a few weeks and if there’s an updated and HD quality, I just do the same procedure and overwrite the same movie that I have


Websites you might want so check for more movies!




You may also check this websites not only Movies but Applications, eBooks, Games, Music and More!

Kickass Torrents or KAT


If you like Games that are already cracked and Full version with DLCs, check this out!

SKIDROW Reloaded


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