Create your Own Free Energy Power Generator

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   high voltage danger High voltage:

3 phase arcs with 9 MOTs 
Multi-mini High Voltage Transformer 
Jacob’s Ladder with 4 MOTs 
6 MOTs two phase HV supply 
HV supply with Integrated driver ignition coil 
Adjustable stabilized switching high voltage supply 7-55kV 
3-phase high voltage supply with 6 MOTs 
Single MOT resonance arcs 
The simplest power supply for Tesla coil with one MOT 
Tesla Coil power supply with two MOTs (4200 Vac 0.7 A) 
Two MOTs high voltage power supply (4200 Vac 0.9 A) 
Stun gun (taser) 
120kV Multiplier 
80kV supply with TV transformer and multiplier 
Mains voltage arcs 
Kirlian photography 
Plasma in a jar (fusor) 
Marx generator 240 000 V 
Jacob’s ladder with 12kV 300W supply 
40kV DC high voltage supply 
Simple 60kV DC high voltage supply 
Mains operated 20kV switched power supply 
High frequency high voltage supply 
Homemade plasma globe (ball) 
Homemade plasma globe (ball) with EMI shield 
Miniature high frequency high voltage supply

   TC – tesla coil:

Spark gap Tesla coil (SGTC): 
Mini SGTC – Miniature spark gap Tesla coil
SGTC I. – Small Tesla coil 
SGTC II. – Small Tesla coil II
SGTC III. – Middle Tesla coil 
SGTC IV. – Bigger Tesla coil 
SGTC V. – My biggest Tesla coil 
Solid state Tesla coil (SSTC, ISSTC): 
SSTC I. – Solid State Tesla Coil 
SSTC II. – Solid State Tesla Coil with ion motor
SSTC III. – Transistor tesla coil with 50Hz/100Hz/DC operation and ion pendulum (propeller) 

ISSTC I. – Single switch SSTC with interrupter 
ISSTC II. – SSTC with interrupter
ISSTC III. – Simple low supply voltage ISSTC 
Vacuum tube Tesla coil (VTTC): 
Plasma flame – high current VTTC 
Audio VTTC – Audio modulated vacuum tube tesla coil 
VTTC I. – Big vacuum tube tesla coil with GU81 
VTTC II. with RE025XA (4CX250B, SRL460) 

   IGBT – high power supplies:

Switched 4kV 2000W supply with IGBT
Switched 40kV 1500W High voltage supply with IGBT and 2 LOPT’s
IGBT halfbridge 20-200kHz with overload protection 
High voltage Tesla coil supply with IGBT 
Push-pull inverter with BUP213 IGBT 

   Switch mode power supplies (SMPS):

Simplest switching power supply ever with TNY263 – TNY268 
3.4V 2.5A supply with optocoupler
14.5V (8 – 18V) 0.4A supply with optocoupler 
12V 5A switched power supply 
12V and 90V switched power supply with UC3842 
Simple non-regulated supply 2x 35V 350W for audio amplifier 
Switched power supply 2x 35V 350W 
Welding inverter up to 100A 
Electronic halogen transformer 
Switched current power supply for 1W – 5W LED diode 
High power adjustable switching power supply (SMPS) 3-60V 40A 
Single transistor switching supply without optocoupler 
Very high current power supply (spot welder or car engine starting supply) 

   Voltage converters:

12V / 325V 150W DC/DC converter 
Universal DC / DC converter 
12V / 15-21V car inverter for notebook 
Multiphase synchronnous buck (step-down) converter 
12V / 230V 50Hz square wave inverter with 555 
12V / 230V 50Hz square wave inverter with IR2153
12V / 230V 50Hz modified sine wave inverter 
Switching (transformerless) 12V / 230V 150W modified sine wave inverter 
Single cell (1.2 or 1.5V) LED inverter (Joule thief) 
12V fluorescent tube inverter 4 – 65W with high efficiency 
Electronic ballast for fluorescent tubes 8 – 144W 
CCFL inverter 

   Induction heating:

Induction heating I. 
Induction heating II.
Induction heating III. with IGBTs 


Laser diodes from CD-RW drives can cut and burn! 
Laser diode from CD-RW igniting matches
Powerful laser diodes from DVD-RW drive
1W 808nm infrared laser diodes 
1W 445nm blue diode laser 
Helium-neon (HeNe) lasers 


1W 7MHz (40m) AM Transmitter 
5W 7MHz (40m) AM Transmitter 
5W 14MHz (20m) AM Transmitter 
1.5W 88-108Mhz FM Transmitter 
88-108 MHz FM covert listening device (bug) 
Single transistor Miniature FM transmitter with VCO 
Simple television transmitter 

   Radio receivers:

Simple vacuum tube audion 
Simple transistor audion 


Vacuum tube preamplifier
Stereo vacuum tube audio amplifier 
Stereo vacuum tube amplifier 2x 5W
Vacuum tube amplifier in class A
Simple audio amplifier 2x 100W RMS 


Vacuum tube monitor with 8LO29M CRT 
Vacuum tube monitor with 13LO3I CRT and sound 

   Insect and animals:

Ultrasonic insect and rodent repellent 
Powerful ultrasonic repeller of insects, rodents and martens with periodicly changing frequency 
Electric insect zapper (killer) 
Electric insect zapper (killer) II. 
Electric fence 


LED strobe light (stroboscope) 
Stroboscope with oscillator 
Simplified stroboscope with oscillator 
Stroboscope with optoisolated external input 
Various sound generators and sirens 
Simple audio mixer 

   PC accessories:

PC remote controlling with any remote controller 
IrDA infraport for PC with TFDU4100 (motherboard connected)
Simple joystick / gamepad for PC 

   Illegal (never try this at home):

Telephone wire tapping 

   For household:

Infrared ON-OFF remote control 
Remote control over power line 
Load management tariff indicator 
Simple intercom 
Motion detector 
Homemade solarium from mercury vapor street lamp 
Light dimmer 
Light bulb soft switching 
Triac regulation of mains voltage 
Simple electronic fridge thermostat 

   Digital logic circuits:

Digital thermometer with LED / LCD display 
Neon lamp clock 
Digital clock 
Digital clock 2 
Digital pulse counter


Atmel AVR for beginners – programming Light Snakes and Air display 
Atmel AVR for beginners 2 – Interrupts and binary counter 
Atmel AVR for beginners 3 – how to write the AVR 
The simplest digital real time clock with AVR 
Multifunctional real time clock with AVR 
Multifunctional clock with 2 displays 
The simplest digital real time LCD clock with AVR 
Digital LCD thermometer date clock with AVR 
The simplest digital voltmeter with AVR 
The simplest digital LCD voltmeter with AVR 
Simple digital thermometer with AVR 
Dual AVR Thermometer (internal + external / laboratory) with MIN / MAX 
Wireless digital thermometer 
Simple 4-channel ON-OFF remote control 
4 command IR remote control 
Simple 16-channel ON-OFF remote control 
Combined 10-channel remote control 
Digital thermostat with AVR 
Simple AVR digital scope 
The simplest frequency meter (counter) up to 10 MHz 
6 digit 10 MHz frequency meter (counter) II 
10 MHz frequency meter (counter) III. with 0,000 001 Hz resolution 
Digital Radiometer – Dosimeter 
The simplest LED sound level indicator 
Sound level indicator with 2x 20 LED and peak indicator 
The simplest digital tachometer 
Simple weather station (thermometer + hygrometer + barometer) 
Simple code lock 
Rechargeable battery capacity meter (analyzer) 

   Measuring ant testing:

Vacuum tube scope 
Simple tester of transistors and other components 
ESR meter – Electrolytic capacitor tester
High frequency currents measuring – HF probe for ampermeter
Electronic resistor – Dummy load for power supplies 
High voltage measuring – (kilo)Voltmeter up to 80kV
High voltage conductivity tester 
ATX PC power supply tester 
Simple inductance meter 
GM counter – radioactivity meter 
Wattmeter (simple AC power meter)
Pocket radioactivity detector 
Color LED temperature indicator 
Car battery voltage LED indicator 
Test wall socket with current limiting 
Analog and digital electronic thermometer with LM35 
Simple digital frequency meter 
Hall effect sensor – magnetic field detector 


simpe Li-Ion and Li-Pol cell charger 
NiMH and NiCd Charger with automatic discharge 
Button cell (watch battery) charger
Switching charger for car batteries, sealed lead-acid, VRLA batteries and gel batteries 


Exploding wires – 2600J energy capacitor bank 
Electronic fuse up to 400V 
Delay switch and inrush current limiter 
LED light bulb 
Infrared photos and night vision 
Build your own night vision from an ordinary camera 
450J Coil Gun
Big coil gun 2500J (not finished yet) 
Electric shock device 1998
ELEKTROX 1 – two-channel electromassage (electrostimulation) device 
Electromagnetic levitation device 
Various LED and neon lamp flashing circuits
Oscilloscope from a TV – TV shows a music! 
LED 555 police flasher 
Single button ON-OFF toggle with discrete transistors 
Deep discharge battery protection, undervoltage protection 
Perpetuum mobile – “free” energy generator from a candle 🙂 
PC Fan with color LED effect 


Operating magnetron without an oven (building homemade microwave oven) 
Microwave magnetron in free air – measuring spacial distribution and other experiments
Magnetrons – Microwave plasma flame and other dangerous experiments
Magnetron and a plasma flame at 200% power – 1400W, 100Hz
Audio modulated microwave magnetron
X-ray source with DY-87 vacuum tube diode 
X-ray with 6VS-1 tube (making x-rays of semiconductors using CCD) 
Fluoroscopic X-ray pictures 
Fluoroscopic X-rays II. 
High pressure sodium lamp (HPS) producing X-rays 
Fluoroscopic X-ray with 6VS-1 and X-ray cassette 
Homemade X-ray photography 
Homemade X-ray photography II. 


Modification of PC supply AT / ATX to an adjustable 3-15V supply 
Modification of 100V amplifier Tesla AUJ 635 to a classic amp (4ohm) 
Modernisation of the portable fluorescent lamp PZS-01 


How to make MicroSIM from SIM
How to build MMC 
How to build TC capacitor of linoleum and aluminium foil 
Internal schematics and connection of IHVTs (LOPTs)
MOT as a high power low voltage supply 
Switchning power supplies and inverters I. – Overview of topologies of switchning power supplies 
Switchning power supplies and inverters II. – Overview of topologies of inverters 
Switchning power supplies and inverters III. – Transistors protection 


Electrotechnic online calculator 
Resistor color code and capacitor code calculator 
RLC circuit graphic simulator 
Testing patterns for monitors 
Useful formulas you won’t find in textbooks
How to photograph macro using mobile phone 🙂 
Table of my MOT’s (make idea of their parameters) 
Redrawing schematics diagrams (reverse engineering) 
Dots in transformer windings – What they mean 
AT and ATX PC computer supplies schematics 
Czech CKD semiconductors datasheet catalog (SCR, GTO, IGCT, diodes, modules, IGBT, …) 
Online RGB and hex # color tester 


Some of my videos for download 
My videos on Youtube – Technic ones
My videos on Youtube – Funny ones (engineer humor and offtopic)
My videos on Youtube – Simple video tutorials and experiments for beginners
Interesting videos from other users


Excavations – My collection of historical technology 
Curiosities from the world of electronics
Curiosities from the world of computers
“Supersafe” line splitter – do you like electric shocks ? 
Chicken servicemen in action
Schematuum mobile – schematic shits that could never work 🙂
Dark side of Windows Vista or Why not to be fooled WOW effect 
Trust SP-3150 sound system – what is inside 
Radiation background measurement 
Radioactive household items 
EU light-bulb ban – but you can still buy them. How is this possible? 
Mercury thermometer ban – what is the best replacement? 


Free navigation in your cell phone   (Part 2)   (Part 3) 


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