Cherry Mobile Teases New G1 Smartwatch

Cherry Mobile G1 – PhP 1,599

It seems like Cherry Mobile isn’t going to let other companies best them in terms of keeping up with the trend. Since SonySamsungQualcomm, and even Nissan announced their smartwatch entry this year, Cherry Mobile has made public its G1. Just by looking at the photo, we can see that there is a slide-out alphanumeric keypad that assists the 1.44-inch LCD touchscreen and makes navigation easier. Although not yet formally announced, the G1 will probably be a companion to Android devices since it has the usual buttons like Menu, Home, and Back. So far, little is known about its release date but it was rumored to come out sometime before the year ends.

Here’s what we know so far about the G1:

  • 1.44-inch TFT LCD touchscreen

  • GPRS/WAP connectivity

  • Bluetooth wireless connectivity

  • Support for microSD cards up to 8GB

It may not be as grand as other smartwatch in the market but with its price, it might just have an edge against its competitors because of our budget-conscious consumers. It is the company’s very first smartwatch retailing affordably at PhP 1,599.


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