UndeleteMyFiles Pro – Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

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UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a small and freeware program that can help you quickly recover files that your client may have accidentally deleted.
If your client has ever called you in a panic, saying they deleted an important document or picture, you could use any multitude of the data recovery software available on the market, but very few are free and those that are may not be able to recover the file.
UndeleteMyFiles Pro is very easy to use. To recover deleted files, open the main interface and click File Rescue. UndeleteMyFiles Pro will then ask which drive it should scan. After selecting a drive, UndeleteMyFiles Pro will begin scanning the drive and if it finds any files that were recently deleted, it will return them in a list. From the list, you can simply select the files you want restored and then click restore. A dialog box will appear and ask where to restore the file(s). The selected files should now be restored.

If your client needs an audio or image file recovered, you can use the Media Recover option. Alternatively, if your client remembers the name of the file, you can search a specified drive for it by using the Deleted File Search option. UndeleteMyFiles Pro also includes a Mail Rescue feature and an Emergency Disk Image feature. More details on these modules can be found at the developer’s website below.

Another useful module in UndeleteMyFiles Pro is the File Wiper which allows you to securely delete files from your client’s computer with minimal chance of recovery. The File Wiper module is also very easy to use and only requires that you select the files that you want deleted and then click “wipe” which will securely overwrite your client’s data.

An important thing to note is that the developer does not specify how many times the data is securely overwritten. We have reached out to the developer and will update this article if we receive a response. Additionally, UndeleteMyFiles Pro supports built-in and external hard drives, USB flash drives as well as CF and SD cards for data recovery and secure deletion.

UndeleteMyFiles Pro is a great free application that can help you easily recover your client’s accidentally deleted files.
Do you have any experiences with UndeleteMyFiles Pro or other similar data recovery software? Please share them below.


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Download from Official Site – 1.3mb


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