DriverBackup – Quickly Backup and Restore Drivers

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DriverBackup is a small, portable and freeware software that allows you to backup, copy and restore drivers on your client’s computer.
As a technician, downloading and installing drivers can be a very repetitive part of your job, especially when you need to reformat a client’s computer. DriverBackup allows you to backup and restore all of the drivers on your client’s computer.

Reformatting a computer is never fun, and can be a lengthy process. Before you start, use DriverBackup to quickly make a copy of all the drivers on your client’s computer so that you can restore them after the format has completed. One of the most notable features in DriverBackup is it’s ability to automatically generate autorun files to reinstall drivers during it’s restore process.

In addition to driver backup and restoration, you can also copy the drivers from one system to another, which is particularly useful in business environments. DriverBackup also gives you the ability to completely remove drivers from a client’s system if they were corrupted or unable to update, for example.

After opening DriverBackup, it will take less than a minute to search and populate a list of all the drivers on your client’s computer. DriverBackup lists drivers for USB controllers, batteries, bluetooth devices and more. Occasionally, it will fail to list a few drivers, but this can be remedied by clicking the refresh button from within the interface.

After the list of drivers has been populated, you can easily select which drivers should and should not be included in the backup. The only drawback is that some users have reported that when you are backing up drivers, DriverBackup will strip the digital signature from the driver. This may lead to issues and system instability, but I was able to backup and restore signed drivers without any problems.

DriverBackup is a great way to save time by backing up and restoring drivers for your client, rather than having to search the manufacturer’s website for one. Have you used DriverBackup or any other driver utilities in the past? Please share your experiences in the comments below.


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Download from Official Site – 452kb

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