Comodo Cleaning Essentials – Detect and Remove Malware

Comodo Cleaning Essentials featured

Comodo Cleaning Essentials (CCE) is a fairly large, portable and freeware software that allows you to remove malware and unsafe processes from your client’s computer.
Although there is no perfect solution when removing malware from a client’s system, having one more program in your toolkit never hurts.
CCE is available as a downloadable zip archive which contains two tools; Cleaning Essentials which is used to detect and remove malware while Comodo KillSwitch is used to stop untrusted or unsafe processes on your client’s computer. The main reason the CCE file is so large is because the virus database is included in the download. This is especially useful when your client’s computer is unable to connect to the internet.

Cleaning Essentials uses the available databases and it’s antivirus engine to detect and remove threats. If your client’s computer can connect to the internet, Cleaning Essentials will connect to the Comodo Cloud Scanners to provide information on files and processes that have not yet been added to the database.

In many cases, Comodo will request that the computer be restarted in order for it to complete it’s rootkit and hidden file scans. These can take anywhere from one to ten minutes to complete. If any malware is found, Comodo will ask you to restart again so that it can complete it’s “deep removal” process.

Comodo KillSwitch allows you to kill or suspend all of the untrusted processes on your client’s system with a single click, and provides more detailed information on processes that are not included in the regular task manager. In addition to managing processes, Comodo KillSwitch allows you to access system information such as performance graphs, autorun programs, and more.

While not the smallest malware removal tool, Comodo Cleaning Essentials is a great addition to your toolkit. If you have used Comodo Cleaning Essentials or other similar products, please share your experiences in the comments below.


Comodo Cleaning Essentials 1

Comodo Cleaning Essentials 2


Download from Official Site – 25.5mb

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