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Elsuirad Service Center [esc]

[ESC] is not only engaged in computer parts, services and maintenance business but also specializes in website design, content management, website promotion and Internet Development. We can help you develop a professional looking, easy to use website to meet all your business/personal needs.

Today’s business world requires a strong web presence. It’s not enough to just have a web site. Your web site must make an impact. Using a skilled website designer is the key to a lasting impression. A lasting impression is the key to return business.

Whether you are just starting out on the web, or are looking to redefine and expand your current web presence, we can help. [ESC] aims to help small and medium enterprises in establishing their presence on the Internet. Our main goal is to provide quality website design, creation and maintenance to our clients.

Our Services:

 – Web Design and Creation                    – Graphics & Logo Creation

– Image Editing                                           – Creating Links

– Site Uploading & Testing                        – Online Forms

– Site Promotion                                          – Help Choosing a Host

– Format / Layout or Text/Graphics           – Banner Design and Creation

– Re-designing existing website                  – Re-creating existing site

– Site Maintenance                                        – Support

Note:  [ESC] (Elsuirad Service Center) does not HOST a site, we just develop them. But we can help in finding a suitable Host for you or your business.

Website Maintenance

Many companies create and publish outstanding, stunning and attractive web sites. Some have paid significant sums to have them designed by professional web site design companies.

But what happens next? The site is often left as it was originally designed, or at best, updated very infrequently. Imagine not putting in your website your new or improved products, special offers, promotions and price changes? There is no incentive for existing clients or previous visitors to revisit the site. New visitors are often turned-off by websites which has not been updated for possibly several months—such websites create negative impressions on the whole company operations!

It is in your best interest to capitalize on the effort and expense which went into the creation of your site by ensuring that it is always kept up-to-date and relevant! However, web maintenance is a labor intensive, complex task which many organizations find difficult to attend to. The work load is often not sufficient to justify a full time member of staff but can be too tedious for existing staff members to find time for in their work schedules. In addition, certain technical skills (HTML, ftp transfers, graphics compression, search engine promotion techniques, etc.) may not be available within the company.

Let [ESC] do all your website updates. Outsource your web maintenance work to us and reduce your cost and headaches. We do this regardless of your geographical location and the size or contents of your site.

We provide a regular, meticulous, professional service for an all-inclusive monthly fee.


Website features

[ESC] designers do more than just a run of the mill HTML web site, they can integrate custom made graphics, 3D website, and Flash components into your web site making it come alive, bringing your users deep into the site and thus deep into your company.

Website add-ons we can integrate into your new or existing website!

  • Ecommerce and Photo Stores
  • Listing Manager, Link Exchange Manager and New Article Manager
  • Page Publisher (content management), Events Calendar and Guest Books
  • FAQ Support and Help Desks
  • Newsletters and Photo Gallery
  • Web Traffic Tracker, Page Counters, Opinion Polls / Vote Casting and Web Blogs

Why do I care what my web site looks like? As long as it works, right?

When customers come to your site they will likely make an immediate evaluation of the quality of your product or services based on their first impression.

The first impression is your web site. Not so much what it says, as how it looks. People are visual by website and make judgments based on visual cues.

No matter how great your company is, most people will not go past your home page if the site is not aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate.

This is where we come in.

Using the latest web development programs and website strategies, our designers and developers will make certain that whoever visits your site will leave with all the information they came for PLUS an exciting web experience they won’t soon forget.

Website Maintenance Service

Our website maintenance service is for customers with existing websites who wish to have someone responsible for amending or developing them when required.

Up-to-date and accurate content is essential if you want to attract customers to your website. Fresh new articles and information not only attract website visitors they also allow your website to rank higher in the search engine results.

Our website maintenance services can be used for:

Keeping your website up-to-date. We can apply updated information on your website, such as special offers, product changes, pricing changes, new product and services announcements, employee information changes – the information that keeps your web visitors properly informed.

Maintaining & managing your site. Using the latest technologies, we can monitor your website and make changes that improve your websites performance for faster download and improved content spread. We ensure that you are aware of new innovative features that could be implemented if you wished.

Secure & protect your site. Server side programming which is used for form processing, database management, search and display functions, shopping carts etc requires regular updates to implement fixes for security holes discovered. We can manage asp, php, coldfusion and perl codes for all sorts of applications.

Re-structuring your websites content. Using your websites access statistics we can help advise how to re-structure your site contents and navigation elements for increased business.

Unique Website Design

Harness The Full Potential of the Internet… With Our professional website design business solutions.

Yes we can program in HTML, we can write and implement CGI scripts, we can configure your site to take secure orders, we can manipulate graphics to best suit the medium, we know the internet color theory, we can also do some Java and JavaScript and create Shockwave Flash animations.

But we create sites that consider how the graphics, navigation and layout will be affected by different browser types, different browser generations, screen sizes and modem speeds.

We build in features to our web pages to increase their search engine rating. We design sites to give you a powerful, dynamic, interactive web presence that communicates your message with maximum impact to the correct audience and lets you feel more of the benefits of being on the Internet.

We deliver intelligent design and appropriate technology but most of all common sense solutions to ensure we meet your objectives and exceed your expectations.

Ultimately, our expertise lies in understanding you, and learning about your users. The spaces we create are built around your service, your brand and your market. As designers we enhance your brand, as technicians we make your site your own.

The net result is a tailor-made solution for our clients and an experience/inspiration to their clients.

Quality website design

Our team of expert website designers and programmers work hard to achieve the quality of service that we deliver to each and every one of our clients. Our team sincerely believes that delivering quality website design services is the first step to maintaining long lasting relations with our clients. Every website is built with a custom and personal approach.

Please contact us to explore a website maintenance service we can deliver for your businesses website.

Professional website design

We create a professional website which best suit your needs and target audience. The whole process of website development is in a phased manner, thereby reducing any chances of any discrepancy while designing your website.

Reliable website design

We have a proven track record of delivering solutions that exceed our client’s expectations. We make sure that your site meets all of the specifications and guidelines set out by the World Wide Web consortium (

Website design technology

Our team of professionals is thoroughly equipped with the latest software and technologies to create websites so our clients benefit not only by getting a great looking website, but reap the benefit from the latest features the web has to offer.

With our upper hand over the latest technologies, we can and are able to cater to a large group of clients with very different website design needs.

Website design & pricing

We provide professional website design solutions while always respecting our clients’ initial budget and needs. We also make sure that each customer is fully satisfied with the service and website design product we deliver.

Clients’ websites that are currently under monitored and maintenance:

(Note: those marked with asterisks* are under suspended by hosting due to not updating its annual payment)

  • WebStar Philippines Entertainment, Inc. & WebStar Photo and Video Studio:

  * (Philippine website, Japan Hosting – now temporarily suspended by its owners in Japan)

  • DJ Bell’s websites – under Teamstar Philippines: (Japanese website & hosting, under suspended by host*) (Philippine website & hosting, under suspended by host*)

  • Teamstar International Records, Inc.: (Philippine website & hosting, under suspended by host*)

  •  Star Express Manila: (Philippine website & hosting, now temporarily suspended by its owners*)

  • Home Planners Realty & Management Services (HPRMS): (as of 2007)

http://www.homeplannersrealty.com (temporary hosting**)

(Philippine website & hosting) **waiting for host payment & transfer of data to its domain


A few questions we are asked:

  • How do I know your doing the website right when I don’t understand the technologies myself?
  • Will there be a return on my website investment?
  • Why are there such huge differences in the web development quotations I am receiving?
  • Why are there so many different web solutions for the same project?
  • Why so many web technologies?
  • Will I be in the search engines?
  • What is search engine optimization?
  • What’s the best solution for the search engines?
  • What are the running costs, and why do they vary so much?

Some questions that we recommend you should ask:

  • Will the web design, images, animations and content be optimized for the web?
  • Is the web site hosting fast, secure and reliable, and are the statistics concise?
  • Will the website be viewable by all internet web browsers?
  • Will the website be viewable in all monitor resolutions?
  • Is the website future proofed if you wish to expand or add new web applications?
  • Is the web site built to be search engine SEO friendly?
  • Does the web company offer continued support after the project?
  • Can I talk to your current customers and ask if they feel they have had good service and achieved the all important return on their investment?
  • Will the development support my current IT infrastructure?

Our website design methodology

We begin with analyzing your current web design if applicable and should take time to establish if that website is supplying your customer requirements in a simple and effective way.

Your company will have already or will be considering a website development and may already have taken steps to submit your web design to the worlds search engines.

It may be that your business is very successful and established in a particular area where your image penetration has achieved brand awareness or you may be trying to achieve that branding, this will affect the way we will approach your image creation.

If your company is in the fortunate position that your current customer base achieves your required turnover and in smaller companies who do not wish to expand our experience has shown this to be the case, then we will approach the design not for marketing purposes but for the support of that current client base.

We take time to enquire where your goals lie for your new website customer base and vitally important is there location

We ascertain both your short and long term objectives and budget before any development takes place; this will enable the web development to be future proofed and eliminates any waste development that will need to be discarded.

If you are a new company or recently established you may now be considering the costs and implications of committing to your IT infrastructure, hardware and software has advantages and limitations in all cases from one provider to another.

Each type of product and service will require a unique approach to the way it is presented and marketed to your established and prospective customer base; services will normally require simpler technical solutions in regards to no logistical or ecommerce issues but may require extra information and support areas to convince prospective customers of the benefits of your solution.

Where your business supplies a physical product we will look at your short term, and long term range and bespoke develop an ecommerce system to suit that range.

Website competitor analysis will be approached by with an open mind, simply viewing what is working for and what is not is the simplest means of creating a successful web design.

We take steps to protect you from any legal issues that may arise from the guidance, usage or services supplied on your website.

We analyze the requirements of each section and feature of your website development to ascertain the exact copy change requirements for that area.

We offer advice on the long and short term options for the hosting and support of your web design, with this service the web design company will also offer a wide range of business services and tools.

Our overall aim is to achieve a return on the investment for you; we support our clients throughout their relationship to ensure that the return is achieved.

By giving satisfaction from the website design project for our client’s, we realize that a company will continue to invest in and improve their website.

The cementing and development of our relationship with our clients and the success of our client’s websites is always our priority.

HTML website design solutions

Some businesses require continuous updating of their content and they want to be able to do these themselves using a simple HTML editor. Not a problem! Our webpage designers build beautiful HTML sites and templates.

Promotional Package(s):

You decide what you can afford, then how much you want to spend to promote your website. We will give your site our best effort promoting it and getting your ranking as high as we can, no matter which package you choose. This includes additional web pages written and submitted to top search engines. (Alta-Vista, Excite, Hotbot, AOL, Web Crawler, InfoSeek, Lycos). Your original web pages will be updated with the correct information also.

Yahoo search engine manually lists websites and controls where they want the site listed. All we can do is to make it inviting enough to them for your listing to have multiple locations. Yahoo is NOT a search engine; it is a DIRECTORY that uses Alta-Vista’s database for their information.

[ESC] offers a range of computer support services including:

  • full-time & part-time on-site engineers
  • remote support
  • system/network contracts
  • pc / server contracts
  • help desk support
  • preventative maintenance
  • software support
  • 24 Hour / 7 day a week Contracts
  • scheduled server maintenance
  • service and Support Contracts (SLA)
  • phone Support
  • onsite Support
  • network outage diagnostic and troubleshooting
  • Security, firewall protection and perimeter security
  • virus/spyware protection and assessment
  • hardware upgrades and installation
  • software upgrades and installation

Advanced diagnostic equipment and certified network support engineers with regular training means our network support engineers keep up to date on all of the latest technology and trouble shooting techniques so you don’t have to.

Computer Network repair

Whatever your network support needs is, [ESC] can assist. We offer a range of network support services for your business, including network troubleshooting, remote network management, network configuration, server support and email issues.

In addition to providing support to your existing ICT network infrastructure, our teams of certified network engineers are also here to assist in making recommendations and performing implementation of new or updated technologies in your business environment. From the SME to PLC companies, [ESC] has the resources, skills, expertise and manpower to help your business grow and take advantage of new and emerging technology. We can help you make the decisions that will determine whether your IT will work for you or you work for your IT. Our goal is to help you utilize technology to your advantage in a cost effective and cost productive way.

With more than five years of experience supporting and implementing technologies in a wide range of client environments not only in Metro Manila but also in Cavite, we have developed a reputation for expedient and expert service. Our Support Team has the ability to respond to your needs quickly and with the knowledge it takes to start making IT work for your business or enterprise.

Our staff of network support engineers can provide dedicated, reliable service to you and your staff. Whether you need emergency 24×7 support, monthly or weekly on-site maintenance, a one-time service visit or just some e-mail or phone help call or e-mail us today to learn what makes us different and how we are dedicated to working to make your office systems work for you.

At [ESC], we believe we have the most flexible approach to support contracts available, as we offer them as separate modules which can be mixed and matched to suit your business requirements.

Network Cable Installation, Consultation & Design

The network infrastructure world is an ever-changing one, and keeping up with what’s available to you can be a daunting task in itself, much less trying to decide on factors such as:

  • Type of solution,
  • Industry standards and codes,
  • Size requirements, and a host of other details.

[ESC] will sit down with you and go over your requirements, whether you’re building a new facility, expanding on a current one, relocating to an existing building, or just rearranging and performing Moves, Additionals and Changes.  We’ll discuss with you all of your options and figure out exactly what you need.

Even if you have an existing network in place, but are wondering whether you should stick with it or upgrade to something faster, more reliable, or maybe more secure, we’ll help you every step of the way so you can manage your business efficiently and cost-effectively.


[ESC] maintains a professional and expert technical staff for any type of network installation, whether it is Cat5e, Cat6 or Cat7 Cabling, workstation termination and installation or relocation, infrastructure hardware such as Hubs, Routers, Switches, Servers, as well as a multitude of telephone, switches hardware and cabling.

Our technicians are trained in-house and certified on the specific solution your company is requiring, and will carry out the installation with a minimum of disruption to the client’s existing system and/or office environment.


Businesses in today’s marketplace have become increasingly reliant on their communications systems.

Any downtime is frustrating and often very expensive. We keep the client’s equipment up and running smoothly, minimizing lost revenues.

We are able to test and verify pre-installed circuits, providing the client with an immediate, comprehensive report indicating any adverse conditions or foreseeable problems.

If [ESC] originally performed the cabling and equipment installations, we achieve an even faster and more efficient service.

Computer Virus Removal

Even with the latest up-to-date antivirus software installed on your network, your business is still at risk of infection. Antivirus companies both large and small operate in a reactive stance as they cannot predict in advance what viruses may be created.

Virus writers specifically target certain antivirus software vendors so as their software is ineffective in removing the virus from the network. A solution to this that many businesses operate is to adopt a multi-tier approach and have numerous antivirus software packages installed on your network in a bid to prevent a virus infection.

At [ESC], we use the latest virus detection and removal technology, to firstly eradicate any infections from your network and then secondly to repair any damage that has been done.

Our security engineers have a vast amount of experience in virus removal, as well as malware and spyware removal.

If you would like to discuss what technologies are available that could benefit your company, please call us to explore the broad range of antivirus solutions and we will be happy to advise you or we can deliver it for your business.



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